1 Year with Tesla Solar Roof: top 11 questions answered + real production numbers & utility bills!

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After one year of Tesla Solar Roof ownership, I review my experience and attempt answer all of your most popular questions about the product. I also present my real-world data on energy production and show you my utility bills.

00:00 Intro
00:52 What is the deal with “Permission to Operate”?
01:20 Is the roof a fire hazard?
01:42 Does it make noise?
01:48 Is the roof actually waterproof?
02:04 Are the tiles too shiny from street level?
02:09 Can they survive a hail storm?
02:23 What is the warranty like?
02:50 Why didn’t we get Powerwalls?
03:03 How does shade affect energy production?
03:28 Do you have to clean the roof?
03:53 How much energy does it generate?
05:28 Referral information for $100 off solar installation

This video is long overdue. Sorry about that! 2020 was… complicated.