1 Year with Tesla Solar Roof: top 11 questions answered + real production numbers & utility bills!

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After one year of Tesla Solar Roof ownership, I review my experience and attempt answer all of your most popular questions about the product. I also present my real-world data on energy production and show you my utility bills.

00:00 Intro
00:52 What is the deal with “Permission to Operate”?
01:20 Is the roof a fire hazard?
01:42 Does it make noise?
01:48 Is the roof actually waterproof?
02:04 Are the tiles too shiny from street level?
02:09 Can they survive a hail storm?
02:23 What is the warranty like?
02:50 Why didn’t we get Powerwalls?
03:03 How does shade affect energy production?
03:28 Do you have to clean the roof?
03:53 How much energy does it generate?
05:28 Referral information for $100 off solar installation

This video is long overdue. Sorry about that! 2020 was… complicated.


  1. So you sent approx 55,000 dollars for a system that has a 20 year lifespan and saved 2000 in a year. So it will take 25 years to get your money back by the time the system needs to be updated.

  2. This is one L O N G Tesla commercial!🙄
    You left out the most important thing and you did not factor in that cost??? It must have cost half the national debt!! It seems that just like electric cars there are hidden cost.

  3. Everything you need to know except how much the roof cost. Will you actually recoup your investment over the next 25 years?

  4. I'm confused 🤔 if you only used 30% of the power generated and the rest is send to the power grid why you have to pay anything?

  5. I'm sorry, you ran your home for pretty much free and put the equivalent of another 2 and half homes worth of energy back into the grid and you still got charged? Why are they not paying you for the electricity you put in?

  6. Great data. Just one more thing to be super exact. You made around 8 MWh in a year. Whats the total roof area? With that we can calculate the efficency from 1m2 of roof.

  7. So if we take the dearest conventional roof $12k of the Teslar roof $33.7k it will take you 10.5 years to break even? Also, me not living in LA, shouldn't your power bill be zero. I didn't think they could charge you anything?

  8. What was the cost for cleaning? Can it be walked on? If a new roof vent for an appliance is needed, who does it, Tesla, contractor?

  9. Ok I get that, but does you giving them electricity not give you money? It does in the uk. You get paid to have them on

  10. Best video on solar I have seen. Seriously. I do have a couple of serious questions. How much did it cost? Was it subsidized and how much? If you would have put on a conventional roof and invested the rest in your 401K, which likely would have netted you more money? I’m being very serious here as I want to know if we are still in the early adoption phase where people are buying these simply for the eco benefits or if it truly is a good investment. Assume the funds are not financed in the calculation to be fair to you.

  11. Dont finance or take out loans for solar panels pay for them in cash. They are a depreciating asset. It takes longer than the companies estimate to make your money back. Those statistics are lies.

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