10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Solar PV System Installed at your Home

10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Solar PV System Installed at your Home.
Join me as I explain how a solar photovoltaic system is installed and all the things you need to know in order to get a quote.


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If you are a homeowner looking to have a Solar PV System installed and would like us to give you a quote for your installation please feel free to get in touch using the contact form on our website

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  1. Regarding energy storage, is it possible to dump excess solar into your boiler? That seems like a free form of 'storage'.

  2. Has anyone used Green Energy Together? Brent council and other councils have been working with them but they get very bad reviews with people saying they are too busy and disorganised.

  3. Thank you very much ! That was very helpful.
    I'm talking to 2 companies about installing panels on 2 houses in london.

  4. How can I find an installer in my area (Bristol) with a good reputation? Is there some sort of a database or a site for that?

  5. Hi I have already got 6 panel fitted with grid tied inverter (1800W). How can I move forward to get connected to grid. I would like advice on how could I get linked to octopus energy. Thanks

  6. Is possible to install them on a flat garage roof. My garage roof is 25mยฒ and I could probably extend it a few more mยฒ.

  7. Good content and helpful. A lot of lost / wasted energy converting DC solar into AC to run a car charger which is charging a DC battery in the car. Totally nuts wasted energy.

  8. Just got ours installed. Getting 3.1 out of a 4.8 already in February. Went with in roof install as well and as others have said, the panels themselves are the cheapest part- fill as much space as you can on that roof!

    The best part of our investment is the storage battery. We went with the Tesla Powerwall. The gateway is very good for control and setting up on your phone. 10 year warranty also swayed us. Brilliant system and saving us a fortune already without selling back. Still waiting for the meter and tariff change!!

  9. Why do you need to upgrade your fuse to install PVs? The PV is for generating electricity on the user side so, why does the incoming side need a higher amperage?

  10. A very handy video as I am considering solar at the moment. I have no garage so my potential installer is considering installing the electrics on a frame in the loft space not to far from the consumer unit. You mention fire hazards so it would be handy to know what I have to consider, ie, do I have to lay boards down as the insulation is loosely laid down, loads of it.

  11. Was waiting to hear about roughly how much this kind of solar could cost.
    Thanks for the video

  12. Why didn't you go for a Solar Edge EV Charge Inverter. Save buying a Zappi and can give you 11kw charge rate if it uses Solar and Grid Input?

  13. hey guys, I'm finding I can't write comments which contain dollar signs here, they get censored by youtube (you can see this by trying to read the comment from another youtube account – it's not there). Be interesting to know if dollar sign censorship is a new thing or if it's only me who is affected.

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