1. These YouTubers out here will have you thinking GO BIG OR GO HOME ! YOU though…you like get what your coins will allow ! Just do it ! Love u 4 that man ! :: EDIT: I GOT MINE TODAY WHAAAAT THANKS LEAD 😍 💕 🤗

  2. Hello I just found your video, is there a substitute panel charger that you would recommend to be paired with this power bank because the one you have here, can’t be found?

  3. I know this probably is a stupid question but I don't know the first thing about solar power but can you plug a heater into that?
    Also, can you use it with a hot plate, small appliances? I love you, you're so awesome!!!
    Thanks Leadman, God bless you real big. Love Jude, from Kentucky ✝️🥀🐎

  4. I get just as excited as you about these things. It may be because its one way of sticking it to the man. Small triumphs.

  5. I don't know why this solar shit ain't plastered all over these electric cars. And why ppl tripping my calculator when I was in school shit they were all basically powered by light with a weak ass battery for when there was none.

  6. Thanks for the knowledge…..just wish when you go to store they knew what I was talking about cause the lady looked at me crazy when I asked about it 🤭 I'm still looking

  7. You are so helpful thanks for helping me face reality of today's world of
    Disappointments of our government.

  8. I never heard of it. I've been looking for a portable power battery that would power 80watts for 8 hours. Electric blanket 8 hours at night. That's it. But Noone and nothing seems to answer it. Also would need a solar panel. All just to power 80watts 8 hours and not break the bank. That shouldn't be rocket science to anyone familiar with the battery's makeup and how they work. However, I don't understand these things though which is why I'm asking.

  9. It's sold out across the country (U.S) as of this writing (Sept 28, 2021) until after first week of October, AND the price has jumped up to $119 (on Amazon, which is usually cheap), and $129 at Walmart (guess they changed their mind about discontinuing them).

  10. We bought a generator and used it like twice and we had it in a little building with just screens. Opened up to outside and the mice nested in it and ruined it .500.dollar generator .used twice then was junk.

  11. Can solar panels charge through a window or do they have to be outside. Car window any different than house window?

  12. Thank you so much. Yes we will definitely need all this and much more. Iam learning to can for and grow food inside with food grow bags. People better listen. Thanks again Hon. From bmore.

  13. People, solar is so easy to set up. You can do it. They try to make it sound difficult and confusing. It is NOT.

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