100 Watt Folding Solar Panels with USB C Power Delivery Review

I was looking for a 100W folding solar panel that had a USB C Power Delivery Port. I only found two on Amazon. I ordered both and put them thru their paces. I definitely liked the Megasolar better than the BigBlue panels. The Megasolar controller has selectable DC output voltages (12,15,20V). It also has a USB C PD port that supported (5,9,12,15,20V). The BigBlue has a 12-18V DC output (unregulated) and I had problems with their PD port. It took over 4 minutes to switch to the requested 20V!

The BigBlue has built-in kickstands and a nice zippered pouch that holds the controller. It is pretty heavy at 8.75lbs. I liked the loose-leaf folder size of the Megasolar, but it has an exposed controller and only grommets to hang it with.

* Megasolar 100W folding solar panel with PD port ( )
* BigBlue 100W folding solar panel with PD port ( )
* cigarette lighter socket 5.5mm adapter ( )
* 5.5mm x 2.1mm 20′ DC cable ( )
* USB type C PD to 20V DC converter ( )
* USB type C PD to adjustable DC converter ( )
* Suaoki 200 Powerstation ( )

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