100 Watt Folding Solar Panels with USB C Power Delivery Review

I was looking for a 100W folding solar panel that had a USB C Power Delivery Port. I only found two on Amazon. I ordered both and put them thru their paces. I definitely liked the Megasolar better than the BigBlue panels. The Megasolar controller has selectable DC output voltages (12,15,20V). It also has a USB C PD port that supported (5,9,12,15,20V). The BigBlue has a 12-18V DC output (unregulated) and I had problems with their PD port. It took over 4 minutes to switch to the requested 20V!

The BigBlue has built-in kickstands and a nice zippered pouch that holds the controller. It is pretty heavy at 8.75lbs. I liked the loose-leaf folder size of the Megasolar, but it has an exposed controller and only grommets to hang it with.

* Megasolar 100W folding solar panel with PD port ( )
* BigBlue 100W folding solar panel with PD port ( )
* cigarette lighter socket 5.5mm adapter ( )
* 5.5mm x 2.1mm 20′ DC cable ( )
* USB type C PD to 20V DC converter ( )
* USB type C PD to adjustable DC converter ( )
* Suaoki 200 Powerstation ( )

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  1. nice review. i believe that the main benefit to keeping the controller outside of the zippered compartment is Cooling. If you have a battery charging inside along with the controller box heat output you can get temperatures that can either cause the unit turn or possibly even damage if there is no thermal protection built into the circuits. Removing The ability to zip everything up greatly reduces the chance of human error damage

  2. Okay review, but why test with 63W max? these pannels are supposed to go more than that, and now we don't know what's their max W actually is.

  3. Hi, i was told to look for a PD solar charger with a PD USB C output port to be able to recharge my PowerCore+ 26800 PD 45W Power Bank from Anker. Are you still happy with the Mega Solar ? Did you find something else better ? Thank you

  4. I'm wondering if the Big Blue would have kept the voltage at around 13.7 volts if you had a load on it. I'd be interested to see you plug it into a car battery and monitor the voltage. I suspect it would drop from the 21 volts you measured when under load. It may have some automated regulator. Seems like you returned it already… oh well.

  5. Do the Big Blue seem to hold up in heat? I've heard the rubber edging melts with other brands (goal zero)..do these seem durable?

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