100 Watt Solar Panel Kit Beginner Set-Up | How to and Step by Step Solar Kit Instructions

If you are just getting into solar power, and want to learn how to. setup your own solar panel power system, this video is a great place to start. We go in depth explaining how to set up a basic solar power system, explain how a solar kit works, and then set it up with you step by step.

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  1. So, the battery can be drawn from while its being charged by the controller? How does that work? I want to continuously run things on the system. For example, will I be able to run a fan continuously without the battery completely draining and the controller having to recharge it? do most systems only charge when there is no draw from the battery?

  2. Great video for beginners. I recently purchased a EcoFlow Delta Pro power station. Am I correct in assuming that the Delta Pro combines the charge controller and the inverter into the unit? I can connect the solar panels directly into the Delta Pro and then run AC or DC directly from the Delta Pro? My goal is to power the house after I purchase two additional batteries to connect to the Delta Pro. Is this possible? Thanks again for the very clear video

  3. With deep batteries I will continued use the battery and would it be necessary a heat protection?
    How or where do you connect a heat protection?

  4. I just wanna hook up a motion light on the outside of my shed, and so far this is the best video I've found on simply how to do it.

  5. I've seen a few videos before coming to this one and it's by far the most clear and concise one I've seen! The only information I need now is the size of the cables you used?

  6. This is a great complement to other beginner vlogs. What is the order of wires you put first when putting the two wires back on battery please? The wire for inverter on the bottom the the wire for solar sits on top of it then bolt it back onto the battery? Is that right? Thanks loads again.

  7. Great video; a schematic diagram of your setup would be a useful addition to your thorough and clear video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  8. Great info, please normalize the audio– it seemingly jumps high and low throughout the scene changes. Great content though, thanks!

  9. Can you put the inverter into the load connectors of the charge controller??? Rather than onto the battery directly?

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