1,000 watts of solar panels charging a Goal Zero Yeti 1000: what is the max solar input?

Wonder how many watts of solar panels you can connect to your Goal Zero Yeti 1000, 1400, 3000 and x series? I put it to the test by connecting over 1,000 watts of glass, flexible, and folding solar panels to see what the max solar input is for a Yeti 100 lithium, how the PWM and MPPT module inputs work, and how much you can really expect under everyday conditions.

Note: I did receive a number of panels from TP-Solar for testing.

Goal Zero Yeti 1000

Goal Zero 4x 8mm to Anderson Power Pole connector (I used 2 to combine the 8mm into APP)

Goal Zero Boulder 100 briefcase solar panel (I used 2)

TP- Solar 100w small folding panel (I had 4x)

TP- Solar 60w small folding panel (I had 2x)

TP- Solar 60w large folding panel (I had 2x)

TP- Solar 120w large folding panel (I had 2x)

Rockpal 60w folding solar panel