1,000 watts of solar panels charging a Goal Zero Yeti 1000: what is the max solar input?

Wonder how many watts of solar panels you can connect to your Goal Zero Yeti 1000, 1400, 3000 and x series? I put it to the test by connecting over 1,000 watts of glass, flexible, and folding solar panels to see what the max solar input is for a Yeti 100 lithium, how the PWM and MPPT module inputs work, and how much you can really expect under everyday conditions.

Note: I did receive a number of panels from TP-Solar for testing.

Goal Zero Yeti 1000

Goal Zero 4x 8mm to Anderson Power Pole connector (I used 2 to combine the 8mm into APP)

Goal Zero Boulder 100 briefcase solar panel (I used 2)

TP- Solar 100w small folding panel (I had 4x)

TP- Solar 60w small folding panel (I had 2x)

TP- Solar 60w large folding panel (I had 2x)

TP- Solar 120w large folding panel (I had 2x)

Rockpal 60w folding solar panel


  1. What part of the country are you located in?

    [The day looks "partly cloudy", which also means "mostly sunny"… and you're only getting 50% out of your solar panel setup. Hmmm… that's different from the rather optimistic reports from other vloggers. ????]

    Great video.
    Lots of nuances — thanks!

  2. Very informative. I didn't know adding the MPPT increased an additional 360w of input for a total of 720. Thanks for the video. I just ordered the TP- Solar 100w small folding panel. I think it will pair great with my GZ 500X while traveling along with my older GZ 1000Li when dealing with power outages at home. Thanks for the informative video.

  3. @ToddParker (or anyone else who can speak on this matter), You may have already answered this question in one of your other GZ related videos, so apologies if this was already addressed, but can you please confirm if it is safe to keep my Yeti 1000 plugged in to the outlet at home 24/7. I know this is recommended for AGM, lead acid batteries, but not sure if it is okay to do that with these Lithium based batteries. Thanks in advance.

  4. Might be a stupid question but can i use a 100w panel with a 200 w panel? With my yeti 3000

  5. Todd I have a quick question for you. I am trying to figure out the max amount of 100 watt (Rich Solar) panels I can have without messing up my Yeti 1000x. A follow up question would be, how much does it hurt the battery if you are using the same amount and you are pulling in from solar?

  6. Hi, thanks for this, it really helped me. I have a question though. I would like to use 3rd party solar panels rated at 180w 12V for my Yeti 1000. So 3 of them I would hook in parallel and get an mc4 to app connector, would this be ok? Is this an ok approach? Br, MuWu

  7. What would have happened if the sun all of a sudden came out and your solar input would have exceeded input? Does it turn it self off woth an overload protector?

  8. Great vid, does the TP solar panel connect to Goal Zero without any issues? Or do you have to make special cables?

  9. Those TP Solar panels look very interesting. Do they come with all those different ends pictured in the Amazon product image? Do you think it would be possible to plaster the top of my van with them and glue them down to the roof some how? If some are shaded, do you still get some charging?

  10. I used to run an ice machine all day in the summer just on the solar power I was not able to store. 🙂

  11. I have the lithium 1000 and just got the TP-Solar 120w panel. I used the provided cable and adapter to plug into the PWM 8mm input but get no charge. Was there a special adapter you had to get to make the panel work?

  12. Hi Todd! I just bought a Yeti 3000X that comes already with an integrated MPPT module in the front for a max of 600W of solar. Do you know if I can integrate the optional additional MPPT module as you did in your Yeti 1000 for an additional 600W solar, meaning a 1200W of total solar input?

  13. Hi Todd
    Hi have a yeti 1000 and its new, i use it a few times and in this months its starts to lose charge and dont want to charge with the solar or wall charger.
    I try to reset with the buttoms on your video and its stay the same way.

    Goal zero said to me, to Open the bottom of the unit, to unplug and plug the battery again, but dont work.

    Any ideas?

  14. Thank you so much! I only have (3) 100W panels and will buy a 25 amp power supply. Hoping it will help. Thanks again for your videos.

  15. Great content 👍. Was curious, this shows a lot of ways of using the yeti 1000.

    One question if you don't mind breaking it down for me

    How did you hook up all the panels ?
    Curious of your flow chart to the mppt and the on board pwm..

    Btw i really enjoyed your break down that part,
    makes sense you can have more hooked up just is limited to the safety input 720 of the device.

    Also do you have any affiliate links through Amazon wanted to help you out.

    Going to need more products thinking im mutli 8mm to anderson inputs looking at you layout noticed them a lot.

    Have a great day

  16. Hi Todd! Thanks for another great video. I tested my system yesterday . I used my GZ 3000 to air condition my 12×12 ft. den. I ran my portable a/c unit 10 min. on and 20 min off. I also used two very small swamp coolers continuously . Three 100 watt GZ solar panels to replace energy. I have a Honda 2200 and two GZ quick chargers for evening hrs. Still a work in progress. Both you and GZ are the best!

  17. Hi all – I've heard in the comments that the Goal Zero MPPT module on the Yeti X can handle higher voltage panels than the 22v max they state in the specs. According to a thread with GZ tech support, the MPPT can accept up to 48v panels but don't state that to avoid people accidentally plugging high voltage panels into the PWM ports and causing problems. I haven't tested this myself to confirm so try at your own risk. See the thread started by Daniel Nash below…

  18. Can i use the 3000X Yeti to connect to an RV with a 30 amp plug ? (Using the proper adapter from 15 amp to 30 amp)

  19. Another great and informative video. I have been using the TP-Solar 120W and am very happy with it. On optimal days and hourly babysitting, I get 75-98W. I reluctantly returned the Boulder 200, which was fantastic but just too heavy and impractical for my setup (power outage emergency and deploying panels on my south-facing driveway). I ordered 2 more TP-Solar 120W and yesterday tried to combine them all. Didn't work. After a call to Goalzero and another experiment I found out that the voltage of the 2 new 120W was 25V and not the typical 19V. What a bummer. When I used the 2 new one (same 25V), and laying on the driveway, I got 150W. Thats great, but have to return them bc they have to be 19V. @Todd – just curious: are ALL your panels from the different vendors and types outputting 19V? Seems this is the standard for most foldable panels

  20. Thank you for time and information on solar power.
    You have used Ryobi Propane Generator in other videos which helped my decision to follow the same path.
    What stands are you using for non Goal Zero panels that I have seen in other videos?

  21. Subscribed again! Have you got the new gz 25amp fast charger. I use with my gas Genny to reduce Genny run times to keep the GZ 1000 yeti topped up while full-time rving..

  22. Appreciate the videos Todd. Watched a few of them and decided to purchase the Yeti 1500X, two GZ 100 BCs, a TP 60W and TP 120W. All four panels connected to the Yeti via the 4x8mm to APP combiner. Have not been able to get input over 300W yet, but it doesn't help that I'm also using four GZ 8mm 30FT extensions (Yeti is in basement while panels in backyard). GZ just released a 30 ft APP extension which I'm planning to try out – much cleaner run with just one cable from yard into the basement instead of four.

    FYI – with my 1500X, I cannot use the both 8mm inputs at the same time (the MPT one in the front, and the one under top cover). Seems like its just one or the other. Must be something you were able to do with the previous gen Yetis only.

  23. Minor point – In the Q&A section for the MPPT module product page, GoalZero specs the MPPT as 325W max, unfortunately. I wish they had made the MPPT module like so many others with a higher input voltage rating, so we could go with panels in series (higher voltage) and drop the amps, leading to less power loss in the cabling. Thanks for the video!

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