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In this episode of DIY or Buy I will show you how I created a 100W solar panel by myself. Along the way you will learn how to wire up solar cells and how they are usually wired up in a commercial solar panel. At the end we will then evaluate whether the DIY version is cheaper to produce.

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  1. why is the frame of the panel so much deeper than the thinner working part? (PV cells + resin thickness) This is true in the commercial panels also but why? Is it for the right strength/rigidity of the frame?

  2. All this epoxy and glue is unpractical. Simply use a layer of clear material on the front and insulate the cells from the back with an insulating panel. Fastening everything with hardware instead of adhesives let's you remove and repair anything much much more easilly. If any of the cells stops working it is easy to remove or replace and doesn't look like a disgusting mess.

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  4. If your retarded and you dont know how to find the materials for building it cheaper BUY
    if you have brain and know how to build it and how to buy materials DIY

  5. Bro tilt your panels, laying them flat on the ground it's no wonder you get 50W from a 100W panel on a sunny day.

  6. You are a genious but your work looks messy and rather unprofessional. It would be awesome if you would work on that…

  7. Continental Europeans: Please note, the R in iron is silent. Eye-ron is incorrect. There is also no silent L in the English language, thus soLder is said sol-der. Sodder is incorrect.

  8. It's a good idea to use a cellophane tape to tape down the cells. That way nothing moves when you pour the epoxy.

  9. In my opinion, the cheapest and best for this project is to use old window panes (sometimes you can get them for free) and transparent silicone (I used the one for gluing aquariums). The cells can be hermetically sealed with 2 panes of glass (by sticking cells to the rear window with a small amount of silicone), or the cells can be filled with neutral liquid silicone. You can also combine both solutions and the panel will be almost bulletproof. The glass is rigid and UV resistant. Silicone allows the cells to work, so they will not crack due to heat.

  10. As a retired teacher all I have to do is a days work to pay for a couple of these panels. The idea still interests me though as I think the whole pv industry has got it wrong.
    If I take any object say a stick and reduce its dimensions by 50% its stiffness will go up by a factor of 8.
    To make panels robust they should be as small as possible limiting factor one cell. OK we are talking beer mats here with about 3 you could charge a mobile phone and or an LED light that is a really big deal. Now work your way up from that paycheck to paycheck.
    What else is good about this ?
    Because they are small they have very good air circulation cooler =better efficiency. The last place you really want to put solar panes is on hot roofs you should be putting up high on tall gantries. Jeez wouldn't that be very expensive? No nature has built them for us they are called trees. You screw them to the branches with stainless steel screws. The tree will instruct you on the optimum angles, look at an adjacent leaf.
    One last comment your panel is covered with clear epoxy on the underside this causes the bottom of the panel to be black rather than the usual white. This is good as the 80% of radiation not getting converted to electricity is getting converted to heat. The black is the best emitter to get rid of it.

  11. No need for expensive plexigalss. Just use real glass. Resin? Why? Just use simple glue. And for aluminum just use wood. Now calculate again.

  12. Good video. It would be interesting to see if it would be cheaper now.

    I would look at the 8 hours to make it as learning something and if I would be doing nothing else anyways. If I wasn't going to be doing anything besides watching a video, movie or tv show then I look at it as costing $0 for my time.

  13. Like a person can count how many cells there are without gouging the glass of every cell with a screwdriver.

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