12 Volt? 24 Volt? 48 Volt? Which Solar Panels for a DIY Camper Electrical Build

This video will teach you the main differences between 12 volt, 24 volt, and 48 volt solar panels and how to account for these different voltages when planning your DIY camper solar build.

Solar Array Wiring (Series vs Parallel vs Series/Parallel):

Effects of Temperature on Solar Panels:



  1. Brilliant video- I needed to take that pledge!, I was totally confused before watching the video. Thanks so much 👍

  2. Ok so what would you pair , I have 16 , 110W, 90+ V. And (??? It says 1,69 A ????). I think these are grid tie panels or something else weird?

  3. Answering that lady's incorrect response gave a very clear explanation that cleared up some confusion I had (and was entertaining, besides). Great video. Thanks.

  4. Would it help if I take a sharpie pen and cross off the voltage rating on the solar panels? That way I will always think of them as the same. They are not 12v, 24v or 48v. I took the pledge.

  5. Looks like " Karen " needs to take a course in fundamentals of electricity…
    Guess she has never seen, Ohm's, Kirchhoff and Watts Law….
    Probably wouldn't understand it if she did or blow herself up…

  6. When you’re an expert in your field and an ‘internet warrior’ has a 180 degree opinion!
    It’s so frequent I actually gave up helping folk out by (correctly) answering their online questions.

  7. Is there any way to just charge a 12v batter from my solar and ,….something between battery and motor to move it up to 48V ? right now, I have pannels, charge controlers, and batteries, power come in thru an inverter, so …what would be the hookup ? I'm a bit confused now

  8. Hi Nate. Great videos but have a question. I have 4×190 watt panels and a victron MPPT 150/100 controller. Can I wire 2 panels in series and 2 panels in parallel and then connect them to my roof top plug -in connector? That would give me 52 volts and 27.9 amps at peek going to the controller. Just thinking about potential amperage loss with partial shading.

  9. Definitely learned from this video. Thank you for doing a great job with these explanations on how this all works.

  10. I am using 11 house hold grid tie 190 watt panels in series at 460 volts at 5 amps with a 500 volt max MMPT controller with 6 mm2 wire from the roof and 50mm2 wire to the 24 volt 600 ah battery bank 1 meter away. Running a split inverter AC, induction cooker, HWS and the fridge on 24 volts. another panel for the 24 volt 200 ah bus batteries, and another panel for 12 volt system for lights and water pump.

  11. All your vids are very well done, Thank You. I have a question – I have an MPPT Controller of 10-175V and 15A max and I have 2 identical x 175W panels (17.95v / 9.75A) – With all things being equal having the 2 panels wired in series or parallel what would result in the best setup to put the max watts back into the system….? I am guessing Series as the voltage is within the controllers limit but I'm not wasting any excess current that way – would this be a fair assessment ?

  12. Can you Help me ..
    I have a " GO POWER PLUS " . I received as a Birthday Present .
    Now I'm trying to Charge it with a SOLAR PANEL ..
    Can I Plug in a 24 Volt Solar Panel into my " GO POWER PLUS " .. I'm New at The SOLAR GAME ..
    Right No ow I am Charging it through my AC Wall Outlet ..
    Thank You for your HELP .. 🆘 😊

  13. sir. I'm still confused. is it safe to use a 48v panel on a 24v battery? using victron solar battery charger.

  14. Heya dude! Looking at your set up, I was wondering why you chose the multiplus over the easy solar?

  15. Oh,, by the way you might have mentioned that its the VOC (open circuit voltage) spec on the panel that matters,,,not whether the panel says 12,24,48v. Again, good video.

  16. Karen from dallas is an ignorant fool. Glad you embarrassed the crap out of her! Great video!

  17. I hope the original idiot who posted that is looking at this video!.. I suppose it's too much to ask though. 🙂

  18. Sorry, just found this video and haven't really seen them all. Thanks for producing such a GREAT quality video. Just one thing (and I am sure you have touched upon this but a quick search didn't find it) even if with an MPPT controller you can run 48V to 12V without burning down your camper (I LOVE that the rude commenters name was KAREN), should you? I guess the question is is it most efficient to wire your batteries so they match the voltage of your (wired) solar panels. Or is the controller so efficient that it makes no difference.

  19. Question which it may be dumb. But if we have a good mppt charge controller does it matter if our inverter is split phase or is that totally different? Thank you !!

  20. Thank you for the presentation. I have a 24 volt battery with an MPPT charge controller with max voltage 125 volts. I have (4) 12 volt solar panels with a maximum output of 22.3 volts per panel. If I wire the 4 panels in series, do I use the 12 volt ratings to determine the total voltage to be 48 volts (4 x 12 volts) or do I determine the total voltage to be 89.2 volts (4 x 22.3 volts)? What does it mean when some panels are rated at 12 volts, some at 24 volts, and some at 48 volts? If I understand your presentation correctly then 89.2 volts going to my MPPT charge controller won't be harmful to the system because the MPPT controller if functioning properly will bring the voltage down to 24 volts for my 24 volt battery?

  21. Need help! I have ordered the new Bluetti AC200Max and would like to have my panels set up by the time the unit arrives. Specs for the unit are: Solar Input 900w (10-145 VOC) Max 15A..I will wire in series to keep the amps down thanks to your video. The tech at Bluetti confirmed the 12v battery can not go over 8 amps. So I will get a golf cart battery and he assured me it would charge the unit. With this unit you can charge 4 ways including lead acid batteries.. I am looking to install around (3) 250W panels for a total of 750W. other info on each panel is VOC 37.6 , Max system voltage 600v (ul), (VMP) 30.3, max power current 8.27. Will this setup work with the Bluetti Solar Input described above…Also what size MPPT would you recommend. Thanks in advance, and thank you for great videos.

  22. i know this video is over a yr old n u might not see this. just wanted to know. i have the renogy 50 to 50 dc mppt controller. on my van i have 4 panels @ 190watts ea i use in my 12v system setup. i have them wired is parallel n im getting 240+ watts most of the time when the sun out. after watching this video i was wondering if i wire them in series n get like 80+ volts @5a then i could be pulling in 400+ watts correct

  23. Hoping you could answer a couple questions for me. I’m putting together a portable system for emergencies. I have 4 sok 12v 206 ah batteries on a small cart with all terminals close together. Also using a growatt 5000w 48v combo unit. My question is does it make much of a difference if I use 8 inch cables as opposed to 6 inch cables to connect the batteries together for this application. Also I was planning on using 2 gauge wire and is that sufficient for my purpose?? Thanks much in advance, Cheers, Chuck

  24. yeah. Got it and I thought the same as you can change the voltage or Amperage, as needed by simply making the cabling in series or parallel or both. The question is Why are the manufacturers making 24v panels, are they more efficient in some way? Because like you said, my MPPT Charge controller (sized correctly) should take care of it. Is there any benefit for selecting the 12v vs 24v panels – Advantages in shading or heat dissipation etc. Needed your opinion on this.

  25. i have 3 200 watt 24 volt panels and am now looking to add a fourth but i will need a bigger charge controller , thanks to watching your informative videos.

  26. i wish more people would pay attention to experts like you and Will Prowse. Way too many people watch crazy you tube cowboys who are just shilling stuff .(no particular person but his name may or may not be POZ

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