2021 BEST SOLAR PANEL COMPARISON – LG vs Panasonic vs SunPower vs Solaria vs QCELLS

Wattage isn’t everything. Here’s how you really figure out which panel is most powerful. The highest wattage panel isn’t always going to be the most efficient.

Panels Compared:

LG Neon 2 360w
Panasonic HIT 325/340w
LG Neon R 395w
Solaria Power XT 400w
SunPower Maxeon 415w
Panasonic Evervolt 360/370w

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This video goes over the STC (Standard Test Conditions) vs NMOT/NOCT (Normal Module Operating Temp/ Normal Operating Cell Temp) watt ratings. I show the dimensions and explain how to figure out which panel is really more powerful by finding the ratio between the two specs.

For my car people out there… STC is Horsepower in the engine. NMOT is horsepower at the wheels. 😉 Does the highest horsepower car always get to 60mph the fastest?

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