2021 BEST SOLAR PANEL COMPARISON – LG vs Panasonic vs SunPower vs Solaria vs QCELLS

Wattage isn’t everything. Here’s how you really figure out which panel is most powerful. The highest wattage panel isn’t always going to be the most efficient.

Panels Compared:

LG Neon 2 360w
Panasonic HIT 325/340w
LG Neon R 395w
Solaria Power XT 400w
SunPower Maxeon 415w
Panasonic Evervolt 360/370w

If you would like a quote for solar, call me at (760) 473-5878. For San Diego residents, I work with Alltech Solar. We have been in business since 1995 with the same license and actually do our own work. For residents outside of San Diego, I have partners I can refer you to.

This video goes over the STC (Standard Test Conditions) vs NMOT/NOCT (Normal Module Operating Temp/ Normal Operating Cell Temp) watt ratings. I show the dimensions and explain how to figure out which panel is really more powerful by finding the ratio between the two specs.

For my car people out there… STC is Horsepower in the engine. NMOT is horsepower at the wheels. 😉 Does the highest horsepower car always get to 60mph the fastest?

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  1. Hi Julian I am between a rock and a hard place. I have quotes for Panasonic Evervolt 370 with Enphase Microinverters or LG 375M1C-AC which are new AC panels with their own inverter built-in for a roughly $500 difference. Which would make more sense? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Julian – Great video. What's your suggestion on new Tesla Panels ? Per Tesla's website, Wattage: 425 w, Dimensions: 82.5×40.9×1.57 (including frame). It seems these panels are too big in size.

  3. I have on order LG Solar – LG435QAC-A6 > 435 Watt NeON R Prime Solar Panel, Cello technology – Black Frame for my motorhome . only have room for 2 of them. which charger would you recommend ? I currently have a 30 amp Morningstar . I will be connecting them to my 6 each relion lithium batteries.

  4. Can we get a review of those panels against the >AU12573 Axitec 330M Black on White 158.75mm, 120 Celll (PN: AU12573) 25 year linear performance guarantee

  5. Sharp 445W 24V Mono 144half Cells NU-JD445 or Sunpower 410W 24V Mono PERC P3-410-COM

    Please answer me if you want….

    I am from Greece

  6. Just found your channel and loved this! Question, I have a good opportunity to buy some slight used SunPower E20 435 panels (128 cell commercial) for under $0.40/W. Ideally I'd like to use 1/2 dozen with iQ7x (which I already have) due to shading issues in that area and the remaining on a string inverter. Thoughts? Should be a lot of bang for the $ and I'd think good panels. Not sure if I should do this or go new (for more $). Only real concern is only the Voc is a little high for the iQ7x (although I don't think it would see it) and how to mix a sting and micro system?

    Thanks again for the great video!

  7. Sunpower is very durable. Even if you create a crack on their solar panels , they will still continue produving electricity. A testament to the efficiency of solar panel is that they are chosen by wallbox ev charging stations, you wont choose a solar panel thats not able to produce enough electricity for your ev owner customers. They are also the ones who provided solar panels to toyota to help them save on electricity bills on their plants. Their sokar panels are the ones used by most solar farm companies and non solar companies like universities, malls, manufacturing plants. The price is a little bit expensive though but its worth it. Check other youtube videos to see how good sunpower is. I dont know why this guy hates sunpower.

  8. Sunpower is still the best. They may not have the software to monitor each inverter but the electricity it provides is a lot more compared to other solar panels. I dont know why you seem to hate sunpower but for me its the best or at least one of the greatest.

  9. I am confused, my maxeon 5 panels come with enphase micro inverters. That has the enphase software. Was this a recent change?

  10. As an individual purchasing a single panel, I can buy a the Q Cells Q-Peak Duo L G8 430 Watt Mono Solar Panel for $250 locally so no shipping. If a consultant tells me that his contractor cost for 350 watt panels is $350, I am not buying that story…. Great story, but not going for that one.

  11. Recent 10 panel Sunpower 415 Maxeon installation (limited useful space). Peak output in Denver was 3.43 kw on June 20 for what it is worth.

  12. I like this comparison and the watts per square inch number if space is my primary concern. However, if cost is my primary concern, is there a way to include the nomt and price of the panel in a calculation?

  13. SunPower is merging with a company called "Wall Box" they will be offering a complete package, for your home, and an EV charging station for your car.

  14. Peace.. Shalom.. Salam.. Namaste and Thank You Everybody for All that you are doing for World Peace.. 🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌ 🌷 ☮️ ❤️

  15. Considering the options, my house gets really good sun on the west roof slope part of the day, and the smaller east slope, the addition roof on the east side of the house gets a lot of sun on the south side and even some on the north, but there are big trees east, south, and west, can't do a lot about them because most of them belong to the city or the neighbors. I'm thinking cells everywhere they will fit, with at least two battery walls.
    I'm planning a remodel that will involve rewiring, anyhow.

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