3 Types of Solar Panels Monocrystalline Vs Powerfilm

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In this video I compare 3 different types of solar panels and assess their performance. Are thin film worth the price over monocrystalline. Get more info on these panels and gear in this video here:

Powerfilm 120

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  1. What adapter are you using between the Apex and the Powerfilm? I'm about 5 minutes from purchasing the Flex1500 and I'm not seeing a way to get that Powerfilm to work with the Flex1500. Thoughts?

  2. The Power film seems kind of silly to me. If you have a gigantic thing to charge and the only real reason you would need is for backpacking what do you use to store that electricity? You’re not bringing a giant battery with you? Seems like it’s the biggest loser of the bunch in terms of utility

  3. i can get 10 of those CIGS panels for 20- 40$ on Alibaba they are actually cheaper the reason they are so expensive is that the companies that made the CIGS panels produced too much and had to shut down so the resellers are trying to get as much as they can

  4. HELP: Something wrong with my domestic system. No red or green lights on my both inverter and no readings on the meter. Can please any one help?

  5. As much as I like your channel, it's disappointing when one looks for (or clicks on your links) to find a specific item and you are taken to a different product from the same manufacture. example, your solor panel. Where did you find it for $50. Drilling down to get close gets you this. https://www.amazon.com/PowerFilm-F-120-Foldable-Solar-Panel/dp/B00T8KN2GW/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=PF+POWERFILM&pd_rd_i=B00T8KN2GW&pd_rd_r=cf3c337e-d7d9-4a7b-b6a3-2b9c13c110ab&pd_rd_w=B80lV&pd_rd_wg=VpKwC&pf_rd_p=a6d018ad-f20b-46c9-8920-433972c7d9b7&pf_rd_r=Z92J7YXDGRAWAS5JA6JW&qid=1571374676&linkCode=sl1&tag=canaprepyoutc-20&linkId=9dedf3148cdfd72c78be17fb42c9c6f9&language=en_US

    $1400 is more then $50 lol

  6. Has there been an improvement in the connections between Powerfilm and the INERGY unit to improve performance?

  7. I have been looking for a set up that would charge my recumbent trike and a electric paramotor .so all I need is that energy set up with the expensive panel. I can trike and charge all I want lol..

  8. 2 grand for 40 watts? Are you on glue? A 300 watt pannels goes for 250 bucks. It would take 15000 bucks to Equil one 300 watt pannel.

  9. Finally tested my 2.5kw used array I got for $500 shipped. I got 10 used 250 Trina solar panels for $33 each and they are awesome. I uploaded a video and cant wait to start my cabin build. Lithium batteries will be the most expensive part so will use electric vehicle batteries. I think a 15kwh to 25kwh battery will be my starting point.

  10. You displayed lifespan of the flex to be up to 25 years. While everyone else say that last about 6 months to a year tops.

  11. I would like to see more comparison videos on thin film technology panels as there are also rigid thin film panels and i believe they have better efficiency than that flash expensive portable one.
    I am a big believer in thin film and i think that many home owners. Please, if you are able, do more testing videos on different thin film panels.
    To be fair, the partial shading test was not fair because the thin film panel was never aligned into the sun, it was left flat on the ground, whilst you did align somewhat the mono or was it the Polly panel as you lifted it up. I wonder what power the thin film would have given you if you had given it 50% shading but whilst aligned to the sun.

  12. Great vid, new sub. At that price, for me the PF time deployed will suffer compared to my 100W Renogy rigid mono. At camp, I'll move my truck out to a sunny spot and soak up 40+ Ah to change the aux battery and cover the Engel's cold beer tax. I wouldn't be comfortable leaving the PF out (even locked) bc that is a lot of dough to lose, thusly not deploying it reduces my energy replenishment. It would be great if I was camping in the middle of nowhere, but all I have in my region are state parks.

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  14. One type that wasn't discussed is the harbor freight 100 watt kits. These are advertised to produce power if it's sunny or overcast. They are called amorous (spelling not correct). Take one of these sets with a mppt charge controller and should do a fairly good job.

  15. Those flexible panels are very fragile, mostly after three years you can throw them away. Just buy a solarsuitcase of glasscrystaline panels.

  16. 16:02 61-49= 12 Watts difference for declining half of the panel, so 24 for the whole panel 49+24= 73 Watts, and with the correct cable, you´ll sure reach the power of the other one, that has 84 Watts…

  17. The cheapest solar panels are so cheaply build that they will very often after some time crack, de-laminate, brake, lose efficiency or even burn. There is always reason why is something to much cheap. Also very important to know is that manufacturers are showing stats on their solar panels from laboratory conditions or stats under the best possible conditions, if you take them to the real world conditions they will behave very differently, its important to know what you are buying. Imaging spending 10k$ for 5kw solar roof array with weeks of work of installations just to find out after all its giving you only 3kw and you need to start over.

  18. I have a smaller 100 watt fold up flexible panel and rigid 250 watt mono panels. Something else to take note of is the opperating voltage. My flexible pannel is 12vdc w/ 5vdc, my rigid panel is 20 vdc. You can't just plug the rigid panel into a battery without a power controller.

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