300 Watt Solar System for Home Calculations│Solar Panel Battery Inverter Requirement

In this video I will show you 300 Watt Solar System for Home Calculations, Solar Panel Calculation, Solar panel watt calculation, inverter size calculation for 300 watt load, battery size calculation for 300 watt load, solar panel size calculation for 300 watt load

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In this video topic covered
0:00 Introduction of 300 Watt load Solar System
0:30 300 watt Load calculation for home
1:39 Inverter Size Calculation for House Load
2:35 DC current Required Calculation for Home Load
3:23 Battery size Selection calculation for 300 watt home load
5:46 Battery charging current calculation for Home Load
6:33 Solar panel Current calculation For Home load and Battery charging
7:21 Solar plates power requirement for home load and Battery charging
8:55 How many number of Solar Plates required for home load (Solar panel Size Calculation)

Top Electrical Interview Question.

Questions Answered in this Video:
1. How many 300 watt solar panels does it take to run a house?
2. How many volts does a 300 watt solar panel produce?
3. How do I calculate solar panels for my home?
4. How Much Watts Solar Panel You Need for Home Appliances?
5. How Much Watts Solar Panel We need ?
6. Which One Solar Panel we Select ?
7. Required Number of Solar Panels
8. How Many Solar Panels, Batteries & Inverter Do I Need for Home
9. Solar Panel Calculator

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Created by:- Deepakkumar Yadav

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  1. One question you have selected 5 solar panel of 125w therefore p=625w , now output voltage of solar panel is considered as 14v then current will be 625/14= 44 A(approx)
    Dude its very current to charge a 150 or 200 Ah battery , CHARGING CURRENT 20A IS ENOUGH
    P=14V * 20A = 280 w
    So,buy two 125w SOLAR PANELS is enough to charge the battery of 150AH OR DO SIMPLE MATHS FOR HIGHER 200Ah battery
    Safety 1st
    NOTE :- IF YOUR BATTERY IS C10 , 150 Ah
    Then you need more less power
    So, always check C rating before buying a battery

    Do some more YouTube to understand c rating its easy to understand

  2. Electric 2 weelar gadi ko charj karneke liye gadi chalti rahe aur berry charj hoti rahe esa video banaye

  3. 300 watt doller paneel price
    5 ×125 panells+
    200 A H battery +
    Invertor 1000 wy = total maximum price

  4. Present I am using inverter in my home like 150ah battery and ups so it is usefull in solor system with out buying extra at the time of solar installation

  5. یا اللہ مجھے سپورٹ کرنے والوں کو بہت ساری خوشیاں عطا فرما ہم سب پر رحم فرما اور سب کے والدین کو بہت ساری خوشیاں عطا فرما

  6. Very very very genuine and useful information on solar panel details bro…. Great work 👍👍👍

  7. Sir ji humme ye bataiye ki humko chalana hai
    1 AC 1.5 tone ka 5 star ⭐ ka hai
    20 bulb 💡
    20 fan
    1 freez
    1 samarsebal
    To kitna kV ka invite le or kitna kV ka
    Solar panel le plz bataiye

  8. Yaha pe ek problem hai ..Agar Aup 630 watt ka solar panel install karenge to usme se 441 watt ka hi generation mile ga woh peak time pe(12 'o' clock)q ki abhi k milne Wali panel maximum efficiency 70% tak hi hai bass ….toh apne jo calculation kya hai galat hai only for panel selection ..otherwise aup ka battery aur inverter selection thik hai

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