440W Mono Solar Panels VS 410W Bifacials: Worth the extra cost?

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  1. interesting to find that the same square footage monocrystalline panel will produce 40% more solar energy than the same SF polycrystalline panel on the higher Watt panels. In another one of your earlier videos you had a different result from a 100 Watt Rich Solar polycrystalline panel that produced more energy (10% plus more energy) than a similar 100 Watt rated Renogy panel, what would be the deciding factor in the conflicting results?

  2. Hi Will … Thank you for all of the videos! Truely an inspiration to DIY'ers !! Question on solar panels in series … I'm understanding that if there is a bad panel, or say one that is shaded over, the series string will perform badly / reduced output. Is there a type of panel management device such that panels can be put in series and if there is a badly performing outlier panel it can be removed (threshold) from the string to allow the output to be the best it can be at all times?

  3. Love your videos Will. From virtually zero knowledge on solar power, to mapping out a marine system capable of powering the boat's air conditioners all night long – all thanks to your videos. Question: Have you tested or provided any design concept videos related to panels with the microinverters (AC panels)? Are there fewer loses in the entire power train with AC panels?

  4. Great content, as always, concise and useful thanks. Question: Have you seen the frameless panels, what do you think of them ? Thanks

  5. do you think that the span of those panels glass could handle bouncing down the road on an rv? thanks

  6. So for the vast majority not mounting on a roof or living in the desert…bifacial seems like the way to go.

  7. I got 390 sunpowers "used" from Santan and I'm pretty happy, but they huge!!!!!! But great deal from eBay

  8. Thank you for your video on these panels. Do you know if they are available in smaller quantities? Signaturesolar seems to require a minimum of 10. Thank you!

  9. Perfect video. Mounting hardware and panel level optimizers like the Tigo shouldn't be overlooked. Thus bigger higher output panels is a big cost savings.

  10. We went bifacial due to living in Oregon. At least half the year tends to be cold and cloudy. Might as well eek out as much as possible during the winter, the array is oversized for summer needs anyway.

  11. Prowse I have a Question. I have a goalzero 200 watt suitcase solar panels mounted outside my backyard and it gets dirty fast. I usually clean it with windex but I was thinking of apply car wax on the glass. Would that effect the UV input or solar output on the panels. I figured I can ask you and you may already have an answer! Thanks

  12. I do not see a discussion on the size of panels. It sort of stands to reason that if the panels are larger they will produce more, a 440 is approximate 82X41 a 195 is 51X34. I was excited to swap out my panels but quickly realized the 440 will not begin to fit.

  13. So if I was in between cooler cloudy weather and hotter weather while traveling I should go with Bi-Facial or Mono's? I am mounting on the roof of my 40 foot bus and I am in Vancouver BC but I'm not sure if I will be traveling in the winter or not. But if I do, I want to get the most out of my panels in cloudy weather. I want to be totally off grid.

  14. Meanwhile here in Sweden is prohibited connect solar panels yourself on your own property even the DC side! Yeah… soon we will be prohibit to change freaking light bulb in our own homes.

  15. I would love 400W+ panels, but all of those have a Voc of 49V+. Add in voltage gain at colder than STC (~25C) temps, and they'll be >50V each. My SCC has a max Vin of 150V, so to maximize voltage, I'd need 3 in series and that would likely exceed the max Vin on cold mornings (which has gotten to mid/high-30s). Too much risk for me there, so I have to look at 375W or lower panels that have lower Voc (typically around 44V-ish).
    It seems like Will's SCCs have plenty of input voltage margin, but he doesn't seem to take the Voltage rise at colder temps into account often. Sadly that's something I have to be careful with.

  16. In addition to setting the bifacials on the ground you should cover them with a tarp to see if that increases output. SMH. Otherwise great videos 👍

  17. Will the high output 72 cell be available with micro inverter on panel for grid tie , Southtexas is high sun and hot but more clouds than NV.
    Net total cost seems lower with AC conversion at panel compared to using several inverters in a string for 20KW of power. Your thoughts are
    Appreciated. Great videos and very useful.

  18. Though bifacial panels are costly, they are becoming more affordable as time goes on. Bifacial modules also last longer and are more durable, making them the better choice in the long haul.

  19. Will, do you know of any research with bifacial solar panels elevated at the back of boats? This is a common configuration on cruising boats. They are elevated eight to ten feet above the water and at the back of the boat. I'd assume the water would reflect light and augment the value of bifacials. Great video as always Will. Thanks.

  20. *Fewer panels not less panels. It's less of one item & fewer if it's more than than one of something.

  21. If I could help you with the bifacial testing since I’m in west Colorado, where we get snow. Let me know 🙂
    I’ll come get em

  22. The big panels need to be in 2 or 3 pieces. Have panels that can be connected in an unlimited amount.

  23. If you vould have placed Tigo optimizers to the panels it would have been a nice side by side comparison for the panels and produced power in real life situation. Plus I see there is a little shade over one panel. And if you would get some of them it would be interesting to see if you have similar systems and partial over one panel (from the house for example, not just covering the panel) partly if the regained power the tigo app claims vs not optimized system is accurate or not.

  24. bifacial tests to try: 1. mount mirrors underneath, 2. paint surface white underneath, 3. paint surface black underneath

  25. I would like YOU to obtain, and test, the ECOFLOW DELTA Solar Tracker. Test solar panel flat vs on the tracker, using rigid panel vs flexible panel.

    It would be good to know if the increased solar input using the tracker, will allow to buy less quantity of less flat solar panels, for equivalent power input.

    I presume that the solar tracker will provide more daily power during the winter due to the lower sun angle, and less hours of daylight. Tracker use, vs panels on the ground, or flat van roof, or tilted van roof….. can you perform this test?
    Can you evaluate the value proposition?
    Value bifacial panel vs standard poly vs mono, on tracker vs off tracker flat.
    Thanks for all of your unique videos.

  26. I am in Tucson so a regular panel should be my pick. However I did here that the bi-facials would last longer and handle the heat better. I would not have to worry about cracking plastic, delamination leading to a short. Any thoughts on this. Also they would be standard roof mounting.

  27. Hi. What is ambient temperature at midday in your place and how many W do you get per panel from these 410W panels ? I have 375 panels and here in Dubai during hot summer days (45 deg in shadow) I get max 280W …

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