$749 EG4 All-in-one Solar System: 3000W Inverter, 5000W MPPT, 80A Battery Charger

EG4 All In One (affiliate link):
EG4 Budget 48V LiFePO4 Battery:
EG4 Server Rack:

0:00 Box Opening
0:28 Intro
3:08 Tear Down
5:39 Attaching to a battery
6:03 Battery Communication Setup Steps
9:22 EG4 Idle Consumption
9:58 Growatt Idle Consumption Comparison
10:28 Ground/Neutral Bond Discussion/ Test
11:18 Wifi Dongle Connection
13:07 3000W Load Test!
15:20 AC Input Test
16:10 Conclusion
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  1. EG4 All In One (affiliate link): https://signaturesolar.com/eg4-3kw-off-grid-inverter-3000ehv-48/?ref=cPwLcVc0SW-BjN

    EG4 Budget 48V LiFePO4 Battery: https://signaturesolar.com/eg4-lifepower4-lithium-battery-48v-100ah/?ref=cPwLcVc0SW-BjN

    EG4 Server Rack: https://signaturesolar.com/eg4-battery-rack-6-slot/?ref=cPwLcVc0SW-BjN

    0:00 Box Opening
    0:28 Intro
    3:08 Tear Down
    5:39 Attaching to a battery
    6:03 Battery Communication Setup Steps
    9:22 EG4 Idle Consumption
    9:58 Growatt Idle Consumption Comparison
    10:28 Ground/Neutral Bond Discussion/ Test
    11:18 Wifi Dongle Connection
    13:07 3000W Load Test!
    15:20 AC Input Test
    16:10 Conclusion

  2. Nice. but have you heard your own voice ? girls raving about hello kitty and make up sound more manly.

  3. NOT UL listed, so good luck using it for a grid tie. Power companies are getting anal about that now.

  4. Hello William can you design a travel trailer power supply to run 12 volt a/c and 12 volt fridge with this eg4 system ? Thinking 4 panel 48 volt for 1900+ watts on the roof. need to run a/c most of the time. Can it be done?? Are you up to the challenge? LOL Thanks

  5. Is there a minimum battery bank size? I'm thinking about 2 for split phase and one EG4 battery (48v) as our daily usage is 15kwh total.

    Would it work?

  6. Hello Will – I am new to solar…do you have a video explaining how to understand the specifications of the various solar panels and how to calculate their outputs. There are a lot of numbers and values to understand 🙁

  7. Would you happen to know on a small battery supply that you could carry in a bacckpack that would be able to charge a 60v Ebike battery? The freakin batteris I use cost 2600 and if Ican get away with some type of charger thats not to heavy and can becharged using solar panels. As long as it may charge it up but real quick if possible… Thanks

  8. Once again.. great review and insights Will. I’m super interested in these all-in-one systems to go 100% off grid for my small home in 29 Palms,Ca. Can you do a follow-up to give a bit more details about the grounding issue? And how to use 2 inverters for 250 (needed for my a/c heat pump-the biggest power draw!). Or point to other video where this is explained. Thanks.! Love you channel and enthusiasm

  9. You recently demonstrated an EV power system. I am planning for the future need for EV power. I live off grid, no commercial electric available. I want to build a stand alone system that will charge a Ford F-150 all electric. What do you recommend? Your channel is by far the most informative that I have ever watched. Thanks

  10. It's a great concept and price point, however I'd be leery of another China product with minimal to no User manual for proper installation. I'd lean towards a US made product for support and TBH supporting US households, even if it was a bit more in cost. Just my take. Nice review though.

  11. Typically you get what you pay for. This would be good for a camping setup. Take it to the beach and do a techno set 🙂

  12. We've been looking at adding a grid tied in system with a wind turbine to our property here in Texas with a battery backup. Inflation right now has us putting it off.

  13. Dump question: I thought with Lithium the ideal is 80% charge and 10% discharge to help the lith batts keep peak performance over time?

  14. Without the comms link how would the system recover from a low voltage BMS disconnect? Will it come back to life when the sun comes up?

  15. Really concerning they want so much personal data for WiFi. Clearly tracking who is buying off-grid supplies.

  16. Nice video and can I use a 220 volts AC single phase all in one inverter to power a 2 phase air conditioning unit?

  17. What about grounding. OK so I'm not even sure what I don't know on this subject so….
    If I want to use this in my RV, how would I ground it?

  18. I am looking for a system for my van conversion, do you think something like this would work? The price is good, and the installation seems easy enough. Famous last words.

  19. Can your trailer charge your Tesla when you travel if you hook it up on solar panels to charge?

  20. Could I use this unit connected to a 48v AGM sealed lead acid battery system or is it only for lithium batteries?

  21. Wanna know why it's sooo hot in Vegas??

    Will is tinkering with multiple heat guns in his garage!!

  22. now that I know I can get a power wall for ALOT less than $10000, I'm going to prove my ideas work. since no one wants to use my ideas. power to the player's😎

  23. combine the alternator and magnet version of self running generators with power walls to give humanity seemingly endless clean energy everywhere all the time. we'd be powering everything seperately and connectively all the time, so blackouts would be very rare. use my ideas. they will help humanity greatly

  24. please use my ideas to help humanity. I don't care about profit. I just care about humanity moving forward. I want us to be far more. we have the opportunity to do so
    let's go.

  25. use the alternator and magnet combo version, of self running generators, to charge it. use a converter to change the DC to AC, since that's what power walls take. if the power wall can take on DC, you don't need the converter.😎

  26. App and the delayed live data is almost exactly like Growatt. It's probably the same but with a different skin.

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