8 Costly Solar Mistakes to Avoid When You Design Your Solar Panel Kit

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  1. When the grid is down your solar panel isn’t going to work, so you have no power too, that’s why you need a back -up battery.

  2. Hello. I installed Infinity Energy Solar panels 20 months ago and I have saved ZERO DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS, so stay away of Solar Panels promises . is just SCAM.

  3. Here in northern Canada in winter you get maybe 5 hours of day light and NEVER high enough in the sky to do any good. Over charging should not be a problem if you have a charge controller.

  4. Thanks guys! This is the #1 video that I send to all of my clients, I am a solar installation tech. and this answers so many questions right from the start! You guys have been along with me through several complete systems, and I'm looking forward to many more, Lordwilling and here in west TN we have A LOT of creeks that rise.. 😏

  5. with a centralized invertor…the entire panel array only produces at the rate of the panel with the lowest out put…so if one panel is in shade due to sun, or dirt, or debris, or any reason, then WHOLE system is truncated. Also…DC loses power over distance, so the invertor has to be near the solar panels… with sunpower and each panel with an invertor…you can put the panels anywhere you want, and if one panel gets shaded due to cloud cover, then only that panel has reduced output.

  6. People learn a lot from mistakes….so students especially fellow engineering students,……….. go for the Frankenstein route.

  7. She must get subsidies from power companies.
    She is very good at scaring the public.
    Avoid this company and go with someone more honest.
    Tesla powerwall stores energy during off-peak hours and resale during peak hours.
    In the future, the EV becomes your battery bank.

  8. Off grid pays off quicker! Here our bill is comprised of electricity cost, fixed delivery pricing and variable delivery pricing, taxes and franchise fees. So less than 1/3 of the bill is actual electricity. I used the industry calculator and after 30 years I'd still owe a few thousand dollars. No thanks. 4-6 years is bull💩. And electricity cost will go up because adding green energy to the grid costs significantly more.

  9. Wait a minute!!! Are you paid by the power companies!!! Only certain power companies allow you to sell back to the grid to "store" your power. What they pay you for the power you sell back to the grid is often not enough to matter and the amount of power you sell back may have a cap on it. THE payback rate may just be low or they may charge you a monthly fee to have the privilege to sell your power back to the grid or because you sell to them they will charge you a higher rate when you pull your stored power back from the grid…. "A storage service fee". They are really creative. The worst scam is when the power company tells you they will install solar on YOUR property and you get your power aat reduced cost. These are ten and fifteen year contracts that give them exclusive rights to access "their" panels on your property. All starts out well with a "discounted" grid rate but it soon flips where the value to you is very low, the quality of the contractors they have accessing your property to do repairs to the system often degrades because the power company n longer needs to "court" their relationship with you and there are extreme penalties if you want to remove them from your property!!!! Remember Monopolies exist for money not relationships. Their interest in you lasts as long as it takes to get the upper hand in the relationship!!! I would really look at the affiliations of this group before I trusted their recommendations on grid tied solar.

  10. I pick up panels cheap when I see them go up on local sales sites , I have enough parts now to run 3 seperate setups witch works out fine for what I'm doing with them .

  11. Check your state laws before you put solar on your house! If they require a grid tied system run as fast as you can! It's just the power companies making you pay for the power they sell with no cost to them….espesailifly your roof goes bad!

  12. now explain how much the power company pays during peak hours as opposed to how much they credit you for the off peak hours your using the free energy you gave them!
    I will save you the trouble…. They pay you a quarter as much as you pay off peak for your generated electric during peak hours and act like they are doing you a favor! So it you generate $100 a day they are kind enough to give you a $25 credit after you spent $45k on your solar system that needs to be replaced every 20 years.

  13. She is so full of it a gidtie sister is the most inefficient battery you're at the mercy of the power company they decide how much they'll give you for it but she got to buy it back when you need it and when the grid goes down the sun might be out but the lights go down with the grid.
    In Australia the power companies turned up the line voltage so none of the grid tie systems at work and they all shut down and people with solar panels had no power while those that were on the regular grid had power.
    This was due to the fact that they were trying to limit how many people were pushing power back into the grid.
    Plus the premium hours they pay you on a grid tie back is a joke.
    And the cost just to connect to the grid can be $30,000 plus just to have them move a wire across the street 40 ft to the your meter that you installed.
    And it's all pretty simple just figure out how much power you use and multiply that by three and that's what you basically want for your solar panels when the sun's not out much you're going to get about 20 or 25% off of your grid and go with a decent battery backup there's lots of good units out there shop around.

  14. Using an emergency house only storage system. My batteries are full. What happens if the solar keeps producing and has no place for the electric to go?

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