Are Solar Panels Toxic?

Are solar panels really toxic? Do the materials used in solar panels and the manufacturing process offset the clean energy produced by the panels?

That’s what Charles and Warren answer in this video. They address the concern that monocrystalline and polycrystalline (the two most widely used types of panels) solar panels are toxic.

0:25 Clean materials used in a solar panel
0:40 Toxic materials used in solar panels
1:10 The dangers of Thin Film Solar Panels
1:28 Do solar panels leach toxins into the soil?

How Green is Solar Energy? Here’s an inside look:

Can solar panels be recycled:

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  1. ask them how much coal it takes to make solar panels , that would tell there is no green in solar or wind , no oil or coal no solar or wind,

  2. This is good information without overload. The more you know about Solar Energy, the more you will consider Solar Energy for your long term energy needs at your home, your business or your farm.

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