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  1. I bought this unit, but when going to your setting page, it says, 'page not found"…. is there another place to get your special settings?

  2. Sounds like a good setup for maybe a camper not equipped with solar. Would the system just shut off if not connected to grid and you overload it ?

  3. Sorry will, I have a really similar inverter but is a 48v, with the same menu, for some reason when I connect the ac input from my generator is just blinking the ac logo in screen, sometimes it charge like half second and then start to blinking again without charging. But I don’t get any error code.
    I am guessing the output or my generator is not very stable or clean.

  4. Great Video!!! Quick Question. If I wanted to just have the Auto transfer switch and inverter with a battery would it be cheaper to go with a APC computer battery backup or go with this system ? I'm using it to just power my fan on my furnace so I have time to switch to my generator. Thanks

  5. Is it ok to over panel this system with more than 500 watts as long as the voltage doesn’t exceed the max PV input voltage?

  6. Where and how would a 12-volt fuse box be installed with this to run 12-volt things like lights and a 12-volt refrigerator.

  7. Hello thank you alot for that teaching bless you

    If I have a solar system of 120w
    And I have house with 4 room
    What kind of things I need so that I can have light in the house please advise me thank yoy

  8. 'Reviewing' this video, and wondering if this could be used for a Home Built power wall for Back-up power. This video is over two years old now, and I bet there are kits to accomplish what I mentioned above.

  9. Great videos thanks for sharing 😎

    What us the name of these sort of units.pv inverter all in one .

    On grid inverter??

    Cheers Will.

  10. Hi, hope so you are doing well. I have seen your videos they are very informative. I have installed solar panels 2600 watt connected in series having inverter 3kw along with 02 batteries
    180 AH each. It would be great if you suggest me settings for battery charging and equalization

  11. im looking to build a diy rv and looking to have a grid tye system in 24 volt what system would you recomend for it im wanting a 6kw system i will be runing power tools and other equipment out side the rv also to build a cabin on my land

  12. I am building a small teardrop trailer thinking of a ubuild or this running a fan mayber small 350 heater and lights and charging stuff and thinking a 100ah lithium with 100-200 solar .Will this system work if you have a power converter for your ac dc?
    and how hot to these get do they need a ton of room around them?

  13. Why do all the electricians Ive asked wanna do such a complicated install with a new db board, circuit breakers, earth point, isolation switch if you explain and do it so simply without all that extra whoohaaa??? Is it necessary or are ppl trying to take me for a ride??

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