Benefits of Solar Panels

Renewable energy not only benefits the greater good by reducing the need for traditional power fuel sources, but it also provides direct benefits to homeowners. To learn more about the benefits of solar panels, this video delves into what sort of investment you might be looking at, as well as how solar panels work, if it’s something you’re interested in.

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Solar panels create what’s commonly known as “passive energy” meaning they function without the need to do anything other than function properly in a very low impact manner.

Placement of the panels is likely the most critical component to determining whether or not you can successfully integrate them into your utility plan. Areas with too much shade are definitely going to make it prohibitive. However, if the traditional roof-mounted panels aren’t in the offing for your situation, they do also make ground-mount systems and access trackers that are programmed to follow the sun throughout the day.

Basically, the cells on the panels collect sunshine which is routed to a junction box that acts as a circuit protector for reverse current flow, then to a micro-inverter system which converts the DC power produced from the panel and inverts it into AC power to align with your home’s power grid.

The investment into solar panels can be substantial, yet you will achieve a point of “critical mass”, meaning that at a certain point in time, your energy load will not cost you much (if anything at all) and you might actually get credits back from your utility company. Not to mention any power company or government rebate or tax credit programs that could also help defray the initial cost of installing solar panels in your home.

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