Best Solar Panel – Harbor Freight 100 Watt Solar VS Renogy Eclipse Solar

This short video is a comparison of Harbor freights 100 Thunderbolt solar panels verses Renogy’s Eclipse 200 watt solar suit case. 200 watt verses 200 watts and watch how impressive the HF panels get when hooked up to a MPPT charge controller mounted in my trailer and also using a Eco flow power station. Be sure to like subscribe and leave a comment if you have questions or if you have information you would like to share. “CORRECTION” . I also mistakenly said Andersen connector Which the one cut off was a SAE connector. Was playing with battery connectors earlier…😂🤷‍♂️ #solar#Renogy#HarborFreight

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MPPT solar controller Beleeb :

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  1. I live on a farm and have friends who own a solar company. On my chicken house are 2 cracked 320 watt polycrystalene panels and they do not perform at cloudy weather. On my bedroom roof are 2 cracked 320 watt monocrystalene panels and they do very well on cloudy weather.

  2. I started buying H-F panels when they came in packs of 3 for 90 watts total for about $99 and added a total of 18 panels (I think the last set cost $139). All the sets come with their own controller. I live off grid and feed the panels into a bank of 6 each 80 amp NiCad batteries and run a 5000W/10000 surge inverter. I feed the battery bank with a Champion 3500 W gen powering a 100 amp battery charger as a back up but rarely use it.
    I also put in a 500 wat wind generator but have found the money would have been better spent with more solar panels. This is a poor mans set up but it works great and I can't complain about the cost (less than $2000). The H-F solar panels have held up great in spite of hail, freezing, hot 100* and snow.

  3. I would have left the Anderson plug and made an adapter, then you could use the solar panels two ways.

  4. Shit technology. Give me Nikola Tesla wireless energy transmission. Not this wasteful solar panel garbage.

  5. Please slow down and give conclusions as you go. There's too much information too fast I just want know which one is best and I haven't a clue after 8,o% of this video. You're talking a foreign language at a babble speed.

  6. When you replaced the sae connectors from the HF panel. Did you have to reverse the polarity? I heard they were reversed. Trying to decide weather or not to replace or get an adaptor.

  7. Sooo….did the HF perform better. It was hard to b e sure…the video was a bit hard to follow and a little confusing

  8. Is it best to buy the harbor freight kit, 152$ or just the single (thunderbolt) 100w panel , 102$ ?
    Newbie here, want to charge some deep cycle 12v batteries for offgrid…lights,fans,12v freezer, charge cordless tools….

    Eventually, an appropriate off grid system for homestead…

    Thanks in advance

  9. Skip all of the 100-200w panels. Residential panels are available new on marketplace near me for <$0.45/watt. I purchased 400w panels for $175 each. The only value I see in these panels is portability. It pains me when I see people use (4) 100w panels when they could have (2) 400w panels for less. Or one 400w panel, a top grade mppt controller, racking and wiring for less.

  10. Newbie Question , just received my first solar panel Briefcase style (Richsolar)100w with PWM controller to use while camping to help keep batteries up. do i need to disconnect it if i am going to run my Generator for the whole Travel trailer ? will it case damage to the system. thanks

  11. Man the speech diarrhea kills that video , so much waist of worlds , did harbor performed at the 5amps ?

  12. Man the speech diarrhea kills that video , so much waist of worlds , did harbor performed at the 5amps ?

  13. Solar Panels have a grade, its a % of output per single panel. You can buy panels at 75% of output. Any lower and you're being screwed..

  14. I thought solar was supposed to be getting cheaper??? I bought 2 – 100watt Regony solar panels a few years ago for ~$200. Now they're over $500!!

  15. I'm just looking for something to charge my few car batteries to optimum level not even sure what wattage I should go with .. they are xs power 3400 i have 3 , Just wanna keep them at optimal voltage at like 12.6.. Right now they're about 11.6 obviously they need to be charged they're not connected to anything right now would I be better off just getting a car charger and then running it off of a 100w panel ? Or should I go with a smaller panel set up.. I don't have access to electricity living out of my vehicle.. I live in Phoenix Arizona heat so we have sun every day and pretty strong sun right now..

  16. Hello, I'm building out a van conversion. I was thinking of picking up the thunderbolts and pairing them with either a blue yeti or a jackery. I don't use a whole lot of power but would love something ample. Suggestions anyone?

  17. Interesting that you are appearing to compare two products and drawing a conclusion that the Harbor Freight is less expensive and better than the Renogy when the price of the Renogy includes parts and features that the Harbor Freight system does not have. For the price of the Renogy package it comes with a storage bag, adjustable legs, a charge controller, and the panels are hooked together; none of which the Harbor Freight purchase contains. The Renogy is a ready to go and use system while the Harbor Freight purchase is solar panels only. This of course is not a fair comparison but you know that so why not mention it. Both sets of panels are mono crystaline so they will perform closely. I am presently surprised to see that HF is now offering Mono panels. I bought into Renogy 6 years ago. I own the Renogy PWM in your picture but did upgrade to MPPT for more efficiency out of my 100w mono panel. Still you have useful information to add to the many other videos of solar and folks watching who haven't bought into solar for their campers should be inspired to take the plunge realizing that solar charging does not require listening to noisy gas generators while enjoying camping at places without electric hookups. Best wishes.

  18. If you are comparing to HF why do you have a $100k+ camper?! I bought 2 items from them and neither lasted a full year of use. Horrible products that don't last. HF is for suckers.

  19. Nice and to the point and clear. I used two 100W in series to get the same factors you mentioned. I use a Victron 100/15 but plan more later… thanks. going to subscribe to see if interesting topics come to surface. later.

  20. What connection is that you're using on the side of your trailer? I'm going to be adding solar to my trailer and was looking for a quick connect like this.

  21. Why would anyone with any knowledge cut those anderson connectors off right up against the connector so you could never use them again for any other project? That's a sign of an amateur.

  22. If you're on a fixed income and you have your vehicle set up whether it's a van a minivan or whatever harbor freights solar panels will do wonders if you get the right controller and wiring, I got a friend that's used harbor freight solar panels on his van more than once with no issues it just comes down to cost and what you can afford

  23. HF is crap. They dont care to live up to their 3 month warranty or even compromise when they are out of SUPPLY of faulty product.

  24. I'm too tired to look through all of the comments, tried… If you have only one, how is it? Why two? Thanks

  25. Please surmise comparison videos with a side by side chart at the conclusion of the video? The comparison was a great visual, but it would have been more helpful if every viewer didn't have to record the data to repeat your experiment (376,593 views) times/potentially, by watching, pause, record data, continue, pause, record data, continue…
    * I did "like" the video. Thanks for the work.

  26. The HF panels need to be connected in parallel. The controllers are designed for 20v PV input voltage.
    My brother keeps burning up controllers because he doesn't listen to me. The excess voltage (energy) is converted to heat in the controller. Please re-check in parallel mode. KK4AJN Extra Class Amateur radio dude

  27. I’m glad people test harbor freight stuff for us. Thanks!!!
    Some of their stuff is worth the price and some isn’t.

  28. I Like the bargain basement prices of HFT products. They have improved their product quality over the past 20 years.

  29. quick question – I got a harbor freight panel on sale, but all my other items are from Renogy. HF's connections are sae connectors. Can I add an sae extension cord (so I don't void my warranty) and then cut the plastic connector off on one end so I can plug it into the renogy charge contoller? I am new to solar and am definitely not an electrician.

  30. Could you put the power analyzer, between the charge controller output, to the battery inputs, then check the reading? I'm curious, I did it already, but I just want to see if it reads differently. 😁

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