Best Solar Panels for 2021

Solar Surge will teach you all about being energy independent and how to set up your home to run off-the-grid during an emergency. We empower families to take control of their energy generation and storage so that they will never be left in the dark without electricity.

In this video, Joe presents a comparison of his Top 5 solar panels for 2021:

1. SunPower Maxeon G5
2. LG Neon R Prime
3. REC Alpha
4. Q-cells Q.Peak Duo G6+
5. SilFab SLA-M

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1. SunPower Maxeon G5:

2. LG Neon R Prime:

3. REC Alpha:

4. Q-cells Q.Peak Duo G6:

5. SilFab SIL-NL:


  1. Nice clear presentation except for the omissions of some important information as others have pointed out. But one question I have is whether you have received any compensation from Sun Power? And another question is: what is the installation percentage of the total project? Thank you.

  2. Well I have a solar system on my roof but there is a draw back that no one knows about.We have an Electric Co-Op Company which on August 2,2021 our Electric Co-Op Company had a power surge which fried our surge protector box and 22 Microinverters on our solar panels.Our surge protector box was covered by warranty but our solar company said our 22 Microinverters on our solar panels is not covered under warranty.Our Electric Co-Op Company said for us to file a claim with our home owner's insurance so told them we have to pay for their issues they caused us.At this time our solar system is still down and not sure when it will be back up and running.We are now at the mercy of our Electric Co-Op Company.

  3. Do most homeowners usually choose to have a battery alongside their panels? I'm wondering if solar panels without battery is really beneficial if no one is around to use them throughout the day. I mean it could run all your passive appliances like a fridge and stuff but it seems to me that it really isn't worth it unless you have kids, a stay at home partner or if you work from home.

  4. Homes need more dc appliances, have a DC line to run the appliances and increase efficiency of your power.

    My house has both AC and DC wiring. We have dc lights and ceiling fans. Have reduce my electric bill.

  5. The sil-fabs for $0.49 a watt??!!???!! is that a misspeak? If not then please tell me where I can get it for that price?

  6. Tried to call, # says no vm set up. 🙁
    Are there any other panel choice possibilities (or other means?) besides Sil 330 where a homeowner is able to easily monitor the efficiency/output of each individual panel? Otherwise, I don't understand how one may monitor these issues for the sake of warranty in regard to efficiency. Might we please speak? I seek consultation regarding a complete island, a tri-method energy system for a 5500 sf custom home, 20' ceilings

  7. From more than eleven years of experience, you can NOT trust LG or Samsung to honour their warranty. They have this massive chip on their shoulder and it always seems to boil down to the fact it's your fault because you bought their product. If you didn't buy it, you would not have a problem. Irony is lost on them.

  8. I recently got 550 a month untied from bills. I'm disabled now and thought I'd build a grid. Started out buying a Giandel 24v 4k/8k 110v inverter and a couple cells at a time,100w apiece. I paid 250 bucks for 2 100w cells and one of those little blue PMW controllers. I think maybe I'm off on the wrong foot but like I said on a budget.

  9. Why don't you inform us about the Cost of purchasing, installing, maintaining, repairing, trouble shooting, replacing and removing/reinstalling for a new roof? And, the cost of all of the other goodies that go along with the Panels?

  10. You stated off telling us what the panel cost in cents per watt – and then you stopped. I watched to the very end and left confused.

  11. Thank you for the clear explanation. If somebody lives abroad, will it be possible for you to ship out the units to their countries? Thank you

  12. Sunpower really screwed their customers on warranties before their bankruptcy & the Chinese conglomerate bought the name

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