Best Solar Power Bank with Wireless Charging! The Hiluckey 26800 MaH Solar Power Bank!

Best Solar Power Bank with Wireless Charging! The Hiluckey 26800 MaH Solar Power Bank!

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  1. hola que tal una pregunta yo tengo el producto Solar Power Bank 26800mAh, la entrada tipo c sirve tambien para cargar con un cable tipo c a un celular ?

  2. Bonjour mwen gen youn nan bakup sa li dichaj mwen metel nan chaje li pa janm pran chaj anko kisa kikoz sa silvoupler

  3. im trying to figure out how to charge with the solar do you have to turn on the bank and put it to light or is it always charging with light

  4. How do know it’s fully charged by the lights, mine lights up all 4 lights but then goes to 1 flashing

  5. Juice?! Man, you dont know what you talking about. You even dont know how that device work. What review you making? that is 100% scam.

  6. Just got this. Down 2 bars after charging my phone wirelessly overnight and using a usb fan for 30 minutes. 26800 my ass! Sending this pos back

  7. Just got one of these sent to me. The battery gauge sucks! It's hard to tell how much power you have left because the lights never go out, they just dim; poorly designed. Also…not the usual USB-C in the middle, it's an odd-ball I've never seen before…so you'll need the TWO cords this guy shows, not just one. It took me over 12 hours to charge from the wall.

  8. $29 in the US and $79 in Canada before 13% tax. 3X the price? No thanks. Our dollar exchange should have the price at about $37 bucks Canadian.
    So I started snooping around. China is a double no go. Not uncommon for me to find stuff I need for work $120 in Canada to find it in China for $12. So sick of getting ripped off for China trinkets.

  9. This product is currently unavailable on Amazon, I want it. Where else can I get this please. Thank you for this video.

  10. I bought 4. Every single one broke after 1 week on a long term camping trip. They did not get wet and the cap that barely stays on was always closed. This should be sold for $5.99 at Walmart for kids. This product can get you into serous trouble if you’re relying on charging devices that are essential to a long term camping trip. Don’t buy it!

  11. I literally bought the other hiluckey with folding panels after your review. So far so good. Only downside is if you try to use the phone or tablet while charging it takes forever and drains powerbank faster I believe. I still love it.

  12. No the Solar Power Bank 30000 mAh, Wireless Portable Charger Solar Panel External Battery Type-C 5V Dual USB with LED Flashlight (Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof) Compatible with iOS & Android (Black) is the best

  13. I bought one of these and it broke and wont charge because…it sat in the sun. Dont buy it look for something else.

  14. Is it worth the $30. I see it’s fairly cheap but I’m not trying to spend a lot, I just need a decent one. Seems pretty good from your review

  15. Instead of using solar power technology which isn't worth a damn in such a small form factor just use a hand crank portable generator they are small and they will get the job done.

  16. This one seems better than the Riapow brand since this is 10 watts vs 5 watts of Riapow of wireless charging and this is 18w PD and a $1 cheaper

  17. Thank you for the review. I just purchased this item. How long does it take to charge? I am charging it via an outlet for about 15 hours and Im still on one light indicator.

  18. Do solar power banks charge well under lamp lights with Incandescent light bulbs? Not much sunlight here in winter but when working l have a lamp on 4.5 hours daily.
    Also any idea how long solar power banks last generally speaking?

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