Best Solar POWER Pack – EcoFlow Delta MAX review

Just Launched DeltaPro and DeltaMax

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  1. This channel etc helped me decide and get a delta max battery and power station…although pricey the battery is pretty close to if not the best available without self projects..and to me the power station is economically great..possibly the best for its features compared to all power stations…and heck lots is perfect in features of its kind but I suggested they add vent(s) near the bottom to allow cooler are low in it to cool the top…and an other inprovement is to be able to add other types of batteries easy and safe…like car batteries etc…etc to the back of the delta max power station.

  2. The max I received has a nice feature I didn’t expect…4 fans on top…2 move air from One side to the other fans that blow out. …I’m not sure if it would be better to have vents that all push air out and pull air from the bottom vents…. It could be a huge improvement to cooling by doing this instead.

  3. And is it made in China 🇨🇳 ? That would be a very big downfall! What battery 🔋 cost for replacement?

  4. This has the better battery 🔋 but very pricey was looking at the Delta 1000 but batteries over heat and diminished charging and is not a every day usable unit better designed for camping 🏕 not a Gas ⛽️ generator replacement for sure!

  5. Quick question. eBay is selling through this company refurbished Delta pro 3600 wh units for $2749 each. I plan to use this only when the power goes out in our small home which is a few times per year and get rid of my gasoline generator. The unit is advertised as having more than 3000 cycles of life. Theoretically then this should last for decades if just sitting in my garage as used maybe 4-5 times per year correct? Are the lithium batteries good just sitting there for years? I plan to keep them fully charged with my solar system always.

  6. Just so you know these units are not correctly Wired. You cannot plug a polarized grounded plug into this unit

  7. Hopefully getting 2000 max…in a week or so. Only basic thing I think any portable station should have is a bag/case accessory that allows it to function in at least light rain outside.

  8. Can you'll tell me how long (hour many hours) will this delta max run an AC 10.5 amp power tool?

  9. It's a shame that they didn't use LifePO4 batteries and wonder if there's going to be an option to buy replacement batteries given the fact that you can disassemble the unit yourself without a lot of problems.

  10. HI , How did you connect the Delta Max to the transfer switch to power the building . Just from an AC socket from the Delta Max ?

  11. Awesome video!! So how long do you think this battery will last? And could you replace it when it goes up one day? I’m alittle skeptical about these units. They are new and are great but life span is it worth the money. Thank you!

  12. This is really well put together. The inverter charger unit is very well designed. Didn't expect that. I am buying this the moment my DIY battery bank dies on me.

  13. I was about to rewire my sailboat. Shall I use this battery as my main saiboat battery? Its 32ft

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