Looking for the EASIEST and MOST SECURE way to install flexible solar panels on an RV (or trailer) WITHOUT DRILLING HOLES and also have an AIR GAP for cooling? This method is the way to go. I’ll show you how to install it yourself.

BONUS FEATURE: This mounting method also includes an adjustable track system making it easy to remove or adjust the mount for different sized solar panels or additional equipment on your roof.

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PARTS MENTIONED IN VIDEO (affiliate links)
Clear Polycarbonate Wall Panel (
48” Aluminum T-Track (
Lattice End Cap (
¼” x 20 Stainless Hex bolts and nuts – (Lowes/Home Depot)
5/16” T-bolts ( – not stainless)
Sika Flex 715 (
Double-sided 1” Eternabond Tape (

T-SHIRT I’M WEARING (Eat, Sleep, Fix Stuff, Repeat)

(1) Cut poly carbonate sheet. Width should equal the full height of the solar panel but 3 inches narrower than the width of the solar panel
(2) Cut out middle section of the polycarbonate sheet a few inches from the top and all the way to the bottom
(3) Glue the polycarbonate sheet to the back of solar panel with Sika Flex or other adhesive
(4) Cut Vinyl lattice end-caps for front and trailing edge. Front: Notch out ends for front corner grommet bolt. Rear: Cut Rear Piece to the width of the insulated layer and notch out middle and end sections around polycarbonate gaps to allow for airflow and drainage out the rear
(5) Fit front and rear caps securely
(6) Carry Assembled Solar Panel up to the RV roof
(7) Position T-Track to align with the edges of solar panel
(8) Mark T-Track position with a sharpie
(9) Clean roof surface and T-track thoroughly with acetone (could use rubbing alcohol)
(10) Attach double-sided Eternabond tape to bottom of t-track rail (trim to track width if necessary)
(11) Attach T-track rails to roof (press and hold securely for a good bond)
(12) Seal around T-track base with SikaFlex to add strength and provide a finished look
(13) Slide bolts into the track and attach solar panel (align bolts with grommet holes in solar panel)
(14) Use double nuts to lock them down (Tip: Use two wrenches to prevent hex bolt secure in aluminum track)

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  1. Diode used for parallel operation? I read the documentation that came with the SunPower flexible solar panel and it states that proper protection is recommended for parallel solar panel installation. There is debate on the Internet that this is only a concern when 1 panel is completely shaded (e.g., covered with a blanket). The downside is that diodes reduce the output voltage. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi Brian, I know you've been running flexible solar panels for years. My question is, how long can I expect a true Sunpower flex panel to last? Will Prowse, whom I respect, claims they only last a few years. I purchased 2 100w Sunpower flex panels to use as portable panels. I bought flex panels because they are thin, lightweight, and easy to store in an art portfolio. At $165 each, I hope I don't have to replace them every 2 or 3 years. Your advice, based on your experience is appreciated.

  3. Starting my 4 panel installation in the next few days! I am using coroplast (plastic sign board) instead of the Lexan because of availability and price.

  4. What kinda of Solar Panels are those?? I like the way you did it since I’m scared of drilling into my roof!! Haha

  5. Just finished my first trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons with dollar mounted using this method. FLAWLESS. Thanks for the great videos and ideas. I had to mount one panel perpendicular to the front so I used "z" flashing on front of the rail held down by eternabond tape as a wind buffer.

  6. What do you think about gluing the panel to the polycarbonate and gluing the poly to the roof? Would it vent the same all be it more permanent?

  7. Great job and ingenuity Tito! I appreciate seeing you perfect your methods over time and sharing with us. One thing I noticed is the use of stainless steel hardware with aluminum track. My only concern is these two dissimilar metals. Corrosion develops when two dissimilar materials are combined in a corrosive electrolyte called galvanic corrosion (more so in a marine environment, but better safe than sorry). I would recommend using an insulating washer between the stainless steel hardware and aluminum to reduce or mitigate that reaction. Appreciate your channel and look forward to your next video!

  8. Your Stainless hardware will react with the aluminum. The combination of aluminum and stainless steel causes galvanic corrosion.

  9. Two questions: would you think about how you would adapt your ideas for mounting on the curved roof of my teardrop? And I’m not very handy. Could a good electrician do this for me?

  10. THANKS! Great ideas and hacks to allow for air flow. I like the smaller sizes on flex panels as I can fit more onto my Van roof. Concern is that others are saying that they degrade much quicker and need replacing. How long have you been using them?

  11. Great video, did you run t-track down full length of the panel or just under the anchor points of the solar panels?

  12. Why do I sense you converted a flexible panel into a non-flexible panel? Do they already make this? What’s the advantage ?

  13. Really like your ideas. This would be my install choice if I had a flat roof. My trailer is a teardrop. I do plan to see if I can incorporate some sort of air gap per your recommendations. This gave me something to really think about.

  14. I must be missing something with the double sided Eternabond. I tried the slicing of the overhang of eternabond with razor knife. I was not able to get the easy clean cut you showed in the video. Not sure if I need to cool the eternabond before cutting. It is hot here.

  15. Mounting method is awesome but how do you insert the cables into the RV without holes. A bit misleading for me but thanks 🙏🏻

  16. I gotta tell ya. This is so good, I'm using this exact method to upgrade the solar panel setup on my camper. Ordered all the materials just yesterday, can't wait to get going on it! Currently there's a 10+ year old 55w panel on my roof which is barely sufficient especially in winter. Ordered 2x 130w flexy panels, the corrugated plastic, the T Track, adhesive etc. One of my main things was to cut the weight mounted on the roof which is why I avoided 'proper' solid panels. Looking for a way to mount them, your video really inspired me, so a big big thanks from me!!

  17. Do you think that you could take one of these flexible panels and screw into the plastic brackets/mounts that exist for solid solar panels. The plastic mounts stick to the roof with double sided eternabond in bottom and more on top holding it down. I have this set up now with a solid panel and am wondering if I could replace the solid panel with a flexible schedule panel as they are both the same size. I would not use the poly carbonate as the brackets would already have air circulating below the panel (whether solid or flexible).

  18. Great job I would add insulating washers between the stainless steel and the aluminum so there's no reaction between the two metals I have seen on cars when the insulator was removed and not reinstalled on the bumper the aluminum would deteriorate

  19. I have all the materials. Went up on there roof to check it out and with the roof trusses going across there will be up to a 1" gap on ones end. Will need some creative spacing to match the change. I may have to use a hybrid of your 2019 video for the front edge. I'll keep you informed. Thank you for the great video and ideas.

  20. This is the nicest way to attach these panels I have seen.. Nice work!

    How do they do in the wind when moving?
    How good is the adhesive keeping the rail down?
    Is that roof a rubber roof and not lifting up?

    Asking for a friend…😂😂😂

  21. You think the T track can be used on regular solar panels with aluminum framing and just put legs on the solar panel to align to the track or will it be to heavy or create more lift? Maybe drill every few feet for added security versus on every leg od the solar panel.

  22. You mentioned 1/4×20 hex nut. I assume you meant hex bolts. It's that what you used instead of round head?

  23. Szerény véleményem szerint a flexibilis napelemet megvenni, és merevvé alakítani ahelyett, hogy eleve az olcsóbb hagyományos merev napelemet vennénk olyan, mintha megvennénk egy terepjárót, és jó drágán kiszereltetnénk belőle az összkerékhajtást, hogy városi autót csináljunk belőle.

  24. So it is a sad day. I used this method BUT used VHB. I do not recommend. After several days of severe heat and a couple of thunderstorms with winds I lost my panel. Gone! So going to use the eternabond, but I still love this application. I’ll let you know how it goes Brian.

  25. Great video! Finished mine on a 4Wheel Hawk popup a couple of weeks ago. So good! I used 3M 5200 Fast Cure Marine adhesive for the adhesive. I think it's on the for the life of the camper! Thanks for the great idea. 2 Renogy 175 watt panels.

  26. Which direction do the channels in the corrugated plastic run? Down the long length of the panel or across the thin width of it?

  27. Great video, but the installation of these flexible panels can be made even simpler. In Australian conditions (harsh!), we have had great success using just 3M VHB double-sided tape over a corflute backing board. If you have ever worked with VHB, you will know how strong this product is! The edges can be smoothed with good tape for aerodynamics and wind noise. You don't want the panpipe effect from the corflute lol.

  28. Well done! Definitely well thought out. It would be nice if Home Depot sold half sheets of the polycarb wall panel.

  29. Great video! We just installed a complete rv solar install and went with Ridged due to the airflow issue and degradation.

  30. Very clean, simple and elegant install. I am using your plan to mount a pair of flexible panels on my trailer. I’m about 95% complete and just need to install the panels on the tracks. All has gone great except I have one concern:
    When installing the lattice channels front and back, they are difficult to install due to the tightness. That was expected and needed, but, due to the materials, the shape of the Lexan and the squeezing pressure, I am concerned that the tracks will slip off.
    I am considering adding a strip of duct tape or similar to the underside of the lattice rail to hold it to the Lexan and prevent loss.
    Have you had any similar issues? Any problem you see with adding tape for security?

  31. Great video Tito, thank you! I've been looking for a way to install and then easily remove a solar panel like you described. My question may have already been answered, but I'm curious as to why the need for the polycarbonate? Since the T-track allows for space under the panel (hence cooling and movement of moisture), is there really a need for it? I saw the rationale in your earlier attempts in 2019 and it made sense, but I'm not sure I see it here. Before I attempt to put a panel on my RV, I want to make sure I understand all of the logic! Thanks for your insights and all of the innovation you have shared over the years. You're the best!

  32. What is the make/model of the solar panel used in this video?

    Critical to know if we want to replicate that end cap perfect fit!

    Great video! Thx in advance.

  33. So no screws to hold the T track down? just the tape?! Cool, if it's that affective, it's the way I'm going to go!! Thanks!!

  34. as soon as i saw the shop I thought oh fuck I miss my house! I love your videos but dude i'm living in my camper no way i'm gonna get all that done in a parking lot

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