Breakthrough Solar Panels Store Energy Just Like Plants!

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Yes, we have solar panels, but they don’t work in the same way plants do. But what if the future Of solar was panels that didn’t create electricity that needed to be used that instant, but instead created fuel that could be used any time? Come join us as we discuss why this technology is so game-changing!

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I’m Ricky; this is Two Bit da Vinci, and if you’re interested in learning about the future why it’s going to be far more awesome than you think, join us for the ride!

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  1. There is no mention of an AP cell that removes CO2 and produces H2 until it is touted at the end as a great advantage. This video sounds like it is trying to find something good to say about H2 even it is not self consistent.

  2. Human rights drawbacks… I don't get why we don't ship violent criminals with good physiques and with 10 or more years to serve and send them to mining prisons, with good beds, well feed and treated, is not slavery is work. There's an incredibly big work force ready to use globally that is just not being used. That should solve it and dissuade people from criminals activities too.

  3. You claim that "photosynthesis is responsible for all the energy circulating among the biological community" is false

  4. Thanks @Two Bit da Vinci I'm looking at the great things you have said in this video for the future, and not the green leaves mistake which is de minimis. I hope all of those experts who have commented start producing videos with content that is 100% correct. Great content, great video and great insight.

  5. As long as you let your politics dictate what is possible you will never be practicing science. How much of this stuff is "not possible" because they haven't figured out a way to steal enough money from it yet!

  6. If you add in the waste we produce, the landfills of the world, including sewage and solid waste, we can use solar power to produce a variety of clean, carbon neutral synthetic fuels. Add next generation nuclear power to the mix and solar/electric begins to recede in the long-term plan for sustainable energy systems.

  7. If you have a water plants,you can observed how fast photosynthesis happens when the sun light hits the plants.. It is almost instantaneously create oxygen bubble.. I can't believe the efficiency is only 1 percent

  8. ok, let me ask you – how can you start the car on hydrogen but not put hydrogen into the car. why do we need to do everything directly when some time is better doing indirectly. if you combine these two questions you will get an answer

  9. There are now liquid air storage methods now, which allow air to be compressed in large tanks, and the energy retrieved when it was needed , (during the night time, or during peak energy hours. )
    This idea of using synthetic photosynthesis, is probably going to be used for commercial fuel production, to make hydrogen. (Canada has managed to create a high pressure hydrogen storage is and which can hold 5,000 psi, and are working on a 10,000 psi tank. So I believe we will see both electrically- powered AND hydrogen-powered vehicles. 😊👍

  10. Finding, gaining or creating H2 is easy. Containing, transporting, cooling, presurising H2 is hard. This is why you loose up to 75% of its efficiency from well to source. And yes H2 might be great for container ships and other large stuff. But its esyer to solve those to be full electric then it is to make them not lose all that energy from H2.

  11. Photosynthesis is only about 3-6% efficient. So it is an inefficient process thankfully for the leaf, it dissipates the rest of the waste heat so it's not damaged.

  12. The fact that you think plants dont use light between 600 and 700 nanometers doesn't give me much confidence in the rest of your homework, even if I have to boost engagement to wag my finger!

  13. You believe in evolution? I thought you were intelligent. Sorry look closely, it had a pretty awesome design by a maker we copy.

  14. This video is one example why you cannot trust youtubers. Especially those who disguise sponsors and ads as informative videos.

  15. You don’t need PV’s when you have base load power from fuel cells – this tech is one way that will happen. Other ways use waste as a fuel, which is a good idea since we have trashed the planet, need to clean it up and keep it that way!

  16. Now there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different studies on alternative energy sources. Which is great! I blame oil companies and other climate change denialists, that this should have started in 80s. We would be much further in finding non-fossil energies. Science and inventions take time, and only some inventions eventually succeed.
    Of photosynthesis, isn't it rather inefficient? And I think, we can and must mimic life in our technology, but so far I have understood we in fact do not understand photosynthesis, nor life…

  17. We won't see Solar energy until every drop of oil is burned.1954 first solar panel and still toys,I Think I know the reason

  18. (3:23) "in fact….."; not so! Chemo-autotrophs in the deep ocean bed do not utilize photosynthetic energy of light; Most plants appear green, meaning they reflect the green wavelengths around 475 – 575 nm. That leaves the other wavelengths on either side of the light spectrum to be absorbed by chloroplasts : the red and blue ends; (10:41) "can't be *understated*, SHOULD be: "can't be "OVER-stated"

  19. Too bad we can't just tap into the plant and draw out electricity; in a sense, harvesting it almost like we harvest fruits & vegetables.

  20. I hope this story will be updated from year to year and gets more interesting in last a decade ahead.

  21. Until now, I always thought youtubers was worth listening to. But I just realized some just read stuff, without having a clue what they read about. Almost like politicians talking green, bla bla blah.
    I guess I didn’t watch much, you later said the caralyst is not working.
    I gave up when I realized the ‘solar’ panels, was a soup of alges pumped through panels.

  22. You say over billions of years photosynthesis has been made but what about the first plant of each species or the actual first plant to be created was that not capable of photosynthesis

  23. When something is green it absorbs every color except green and reflects the green light… if you're going to do a science-based video maybe get the basics right at least

  24. Just saying oxygen wasn't always clean because well early life it was a poison and it's also a poison for us considering that you died of oxidation when you die of old age

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