Build Your First Solar Power System! Beginner Tutorial Easily Explained, Budget Friendly

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  1. I have a 1200 sq ft home. Need a book detailing an off grid and/or grid tied system. ie # of panels, their wattage capacity each, components used in setup, …Using a lithium battery bank makes more sense to me. Please show housing of the system in conjunction to a home. Should battery bank be separate, dry, detached, possibly concrete block built small shed with batteries stored off floor on wooden skids? Thanks a million!!!

  2. I know nothing about solar, but I know alot about money.
    Spending $1,500 to get a 100W , 100Ah system where, a 100ah battery will provide 1 amp X 12 Volts = 12 Watts for 100 hours. With that battery lasting 8-10 years… that is about as much financial sense as putting up front $55,000 for home solar.

  3. to any newbies out there @ 5:32 where he disconnects from the terminal on the charge controller it's safer if the quick connects at the solar panel itself are unplugged first as those connectors are designed as failsafe means to avoid any shorts in case any wire is fumbled when removing from charge controller or battery.

  4. Excuse my lack of knowledge, but why didnt he use a fuse/breaker between the solar charger and the battery? Is this just not needed for a smaller output system? Im looking at running 300W solar to 40a MPPT to 100ah Li battery. Will i need a fuse or breaker between the MPPT and battery or can i just connect it directly?

  5. will not say what has already been said except just take the comments about how clear and direct you are as real. thank you.

  6. Love the way you break it down without making me feel like dumba$$.. haha. But seriously. Great content and I look forward to binging your vids man. I'd plan on having an off grid setup. Preferably before shtf

  7. Do not buy from Renogy before you go to trustpilot and read the reviews! 99% 1 star! The worst customer service I've ever dealt with in my 40 years!

  8. The slippery step tinctorially join because atm complimentarily flap about a elite washer. blue, tangy sweets

  9. I have that exact kit, in full sun it registers 20 v and then when I hook it up it drops to 13 volts, I tested the diodes and they are vine, I cannot figure out what's the prob? Any ideas?

  10. You have a way of making me feel like I did a really good job! Even though I haven't done anything yet…

  11. I bought the Bluetti 50S…you were right! It was a toy! I just could not see the 400.00 I paid for it when I can buy a good deep cycle battery and a solar panel and use inverters I already have. I bought a 100 amp 12 volt gel battery for 207.00 from Lowes and hooked it to a solar charge controller I already had and a 100 watt panel. It is working great! I only use it for small loads. Fan and chest refrigerator.

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