Building a Solar Powered Workshop

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Thanks to Jason Andrade of West Coast Sustainables and to Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds

This project was sponsored by The Home Depot


  1. Hi guys.
    What are your recommendations for setting up such a system in a home 🏡 in Cameroon (Africa)

  2. Although this was a little overkill on the Home Depot commercial it did come out to be a cool looking build and I’m not completely convinced on the True functionality od the AC power side sure the tools turned on but how will they really be under a load ??? Now i am a Woodworker and generally my saws are Used quite a bit and for cutting hardwoods Plus i use much larger equipment than the little table top machines this guys sister has plus i would need to power a table saw which is my most used tool other than my brain and tape measures

  3. Nice job. Not necessarily the kind of shed I'd build, but several good ideas to take away from this nonetheless. Hopefully you've added some gable or ridge venting by now.

  4. awesome, i wander would the power system be enough for me to run my microgreen indoor farm, which needs 16hrs a day led lights some heating uo to 70f and basic fans running but only ome at night ? thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Those guys who built the shed could build you one on the weekend or afterhours for probably 1/3rd the price cash.

  6. It’s white!!! No real workshop should ever be white, this shed is never gonna be used… EVER!! Weird 🙂

  7. Wow, so many negative comments.  I just appreciate the how to on Solar.  Question, why 2 6v batteries.  Most I have seen use 12v deep cycle.  I am looking to power a warehouse with 2 or 3 20amp breakers that run about 40 LED lights on 1 or 2 of the breakers and a camera system on another.  Not a lot of power needed.  The lights are on timer switches and used maybe 4 times a week for about 20 minutes each and the cameras run 24/7.  Any recommendations?

  8. Great video and gave a thumbs up but… definitely would have avoided a lot of negative comments by actually building the shed yourself.

  9. ANG GALEEEEENG!…. THUMBS UP BRO! can i order that too for my electronic hardware? using solar energy is a good option for my work.

  10. my uncles shed is an old boat that somebody illegally dumped on his friends land. He cut a door into it and made shelves. It also looks pretty cool.

  11. If you are going to use that workshop for your business like woodworking or product presentation, the building costs will lower your taxes for some time. I would not condsider something like that for DIY and hobby.
    Over here, I´m looking for used sheds and material to be removed from gardeners in autumn or spring which is pretty common if someone is planning something new or just leaving / selling the property.

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