Building An Underground Solar Powered Fridge | Shut It Off ASAP

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Can we cool down our lives without warming up the planet? And how can we cool our food sustainably? We are making an off-grid fridge and off-grid air conditioning to see if we can. It’s part of asapSCIENCE’s brand new series with YouTube Originals designed to help us all meet our sustainability goals and to combat Climate Change.

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Today’s Project: AC
3:17 The Builds Begin
7:49 Cooling Down
10:10 The Builds Continue
14:57 Final Moves
17:27 The Results


  1. I understand styrophoabia, to me the squeak when you walk on dry snow and rubbing brown paper bags together is like nails on a chalkboard! What are my phobias called?

  2. I totally hate Styrofoam. The sound of Styrofoam rubbing against Styrofoam is the single worst sound on earth.

  3. The white roof really brings up a question why roofs everywhere are not white. I guess one reason would be that most roofs in the US (and probably most modern roofs everywhere) are covered in shingles. Those shingles are made out of up to 35% asphalt which gives them a dark color. Singles are probably pretty much impossible to paint. So; we'd have to switch to something else to roof the houses in.

    Btw, there IS a benefit to having a dark colored roof during the winter months. Any sun will heat it up and therefor heat up the inside of the house a bit…. but that amount of heat is probably very small. I'm betting the white roof would end up saving MORE money in the long run between heating and cooling the house and be more worth it then a dark roof.

    I live on the 2nd story of a house with a dark shingle roof. If it's 80deg F outside on a sunny day, the inside is like 88. I bet a white roof would knock it down to 80deg inside, or maybe even less.

  4. I feel like with all the credits and the vibe of the video that it shouldn't qualifies a YouTube video because it's more of like a pseudo PBS video

  5. For inside cooling you would be better served with geothermally cooled water pumped through radiant ceiling panels that will condition the objects in your environment unlike the poor efficiency of conventional air conditioning. But don’t take my word, look it up and I’ll bet you can build your own system.

  6. Did the white roof cool the house? Why isnt the fridge also white and why is it in the full sun?

  7. Covering roof and four walls of a house in hot climate reduce the temperature inside. ..
    Use any object or paint of
    your choice, not expensive and permanent. …

    Wear white,loose,cotton clothing during Summer to keep you cool. .
    Same principle, ..white reflects heat and cotton clothing helps in evaporation. ..leads to cooling. ..
    Double layer earthenware with water in between makes the object inside pot cooler. .naturally. ..

    Simple Physics..just applications part…

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