1. This can be done asap and cheaply if they just use a cheap membrane instead of solar panels. Yes the solar panels will generate electricity but how much will these companies charge the state governement per panel? History tells us they can charge twice as much when selling to the government then selling to individuals

  2. irrigation + rainfall = evaporation + transpiration + runoff + leaching

    Which one of these processes do Farmers really have control over during the growing season? If you have the ability to irrigate your sandy soils and water is cheap and plentiful, then you are fortunate and have some control on the left side of the equation. If you do not have irrigation, you must look at the factors on the right side of the equation to see what can be controlled or minimized to benefit your crop. Evaporation from the soil surface can be reduced with mulch or leaving crop residue on the soil surface. Transpiration is a function of the plant leaf surface area and the weather. Runoff is or should be minimal in sandy textured soils with high percolation rates.

    This leaves the leaching of water out of the root zone as the #1 controllable loss of moisture to your crop. Interrupting the downward movement of moisture in your soil by installing a "smart" barrier can greatly reduce the leaching of water and nutrients. SWRT subsurface membranes detain/retain up to 90% of irrigation or rainfall in the root zone for crop use by disrupting the gravitational movement of water in the soil while still allowing excess water to percolate and do not create anaerobic soil conditions. Check us out on Facebook and Youtube!

  3. So. We subsidize agriculture with Food Stamps and outright grants. Do we pay again for the electricity? Does Turlock maintain dust control and theft control? Does Farmer John get an extra ticket to the Orange Bowl? Will we elect any of them to discipline our kids' evil dishonesty?

  4. Another pie in the sky project. You have a huge, huge ocean right next door. Build desalination plants. Put the money into that.

  5. More wasted tax payer money! Only In the corrupt failed Democrat controlled Charcoal State of California

  6. Nice California! I have an idea. Why don't we just pump all the ocean water out so that we reclaim the land to build houses for the homeless?

  7. In a few years from now the enviromentalist will be telling us that those solar panels contain hazardous chemicals that end up on the water cannals

  8. Sounds like a great idea to me. I’m a fan of using solar power where it makes sense. 😀👍🏻

  9. Wind Turbine blades could easily be incorporated as the supports to hold up the structure for the solar panels. 🤷‍♂️

  10. If all the canals are going to be covered then fine but if only small tiny parts are going to be covered its stupid.

  11. making jobs…Who's gonna make those, how much and why not put that money into desal plants? When are we gonna say, "You know what? I think we should do what Israel did…Desal plants…" hm….nice thinking genius's

  12. Too little and too Late already.
    they should have added SOLAR power generation to Canals years ago.
    and they Should have added Tesla MEGAPACK battery storage as well.
    each Megapack is 3Mw and can Discharge ALL night long, powering 30,000 homes.
    even after Sunset or the Wind does not blow.

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