Changing Lives In Benin With Solar Panels

Light Relief In Benin: In rural Benin, a lack of reliable electricity is preventing development and compromising the safety of isolated villagers. One NGO hopes that by harnessing solar power, it can put remote villages back on the grid.

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“It’s very difficult, because most give birth in the night and because we live without electricity”, says a midwife from Azokangoudou, a remote village in Benin. With no electricity or clean water, half of newborns die in their first year. Education is also hindered by the country’s lack of electricity. Children cannot study at home in the dark, which seriously affects their progress. Samson, a teacher at Azokangoudo, believes that “there are many children leaving the village because they don’t have the support needed”. Action Benin et Solidarite are a small NGO working to get villages like Azokangodou on the grid. A year ago they built a solar power station in the tiny village of Kopkissa. Jeremie, who runs the power station, says it has transformed the local economy. “A number of shops have opened up since the arrival of electricity. Bars, fishmongers, hairdressers…There are loads”.

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  1. I swear life's so difficult for sooo many people.. Screw The West and their military industrial complex.. Imagine, all these guys want is electricity so they can create avenues for prosperity!.. Just some electricity!!!!!!! Mind boggling as to how much ignorant the well off countries are.

  2. please i want to know more about your organisation because i am currently working for solar panels and solar water pump factory in china now

  3. I am sure all the resources needed to manufacture solar panels and batteries are on the continent of Africa……who wants to link up and form a company? Only people with total Goodwill

  4. Its funny but when the west only shows these types of narrative of far off villages in countries on the continent of Africa, we in the west always thought that was actually how the whole continent looked like, but thanks to several young Africans utubers that are going around the continent in various countries to show us that yes there are these conditions, but there are also beauty and wealth as well. Thanks to them, and also thanks to those helping to change the situation in the rural areas.

  5. Solar deep cycle batteries are not cheap. Without batteries, you have no light at night.
    When those batteries die in 5yrs, who's going to replace them?

    Hopefully, people are paying to use the solar power, and the money is being put aside for future purchase of batteries.

  6. Pathetic chief sitting around and being worshipped without lifting a finger to help the community. He wants electricity in his palace. Let him get of his lazy behind and work!

  7. This is how Africans start worshiping the white race and imagine that all good things only come from the white man, the mind is enslaved and that is why millions are dying to reach Europe.

  8. The French have these people worshipping them while they steal their natural resources 😭😢

  9. spoken like a "king" / president / whatever: "you must bring power to the palace, NOT JUST TO THE REGIONS (read pleebs) THE PALACE CONTROLS".
    Speaks volumes, doesn't it!

  10. Solar panels will not lift them out of poverty, not unless they manufacture and sell them.

  11. How about digging old-fashioned wells and other ancient water management systems constructed with local materials? Why? They intend to keep Africa dependent upon them for things they cannot afford in exchange for any valuable resources.

  12. I've seen something like this in the works before. A village/tribe were given laptops. People who gifted them came back a month later – tribe was using them as cutting boards… what are they gonna do when the first thing goes wrong? Are they gonna be able to fix them or even source parts? No way.

    They've lived without electricity for, well, always? It's not a need they're familiar with – until now that is, of course. Should've given them tools and seeds instead. Probably some idiot Frenchman who's behind all this.

  13. Here is the challenge , lets re-visit this site in a year, bet ya 50 bucks those panels will be stolen or destroyed…

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