Charging Tesla Model S 3 X Y Using Solar Power | Can You Charge Your Electric Vehicle via Solar?

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  1. Is there a way you can set your tesla (or any other EV) to charge at a slower rate.

    Electricity here in the UK costs around £450 per months without owning an EV. Therefore, we would want to make sure it only charges using solar energy.

  2. Can one integrate the solar panels onto the car's exterior? That way you don't need a charging point. You just park it under the sun and it replenishes its cells by itself, just like how humans just get some rest to replenish their energy

  3. I don't drive very much, what I was looking at was a solar charging system that was only running the charger for charging a electric car, not the house. The car is home most of the time and I drive short distances, so was thinking park the car, let it charge until I need to go some place. ( the car I have now I gassed it up in mid September and still have half a tank of gas now in mid March. Seems if I kept the EV on the charger, run from only solar panels on my roof of the house, it would be ready to go, running off free solar energy . all the time. , also here where I live they will soon be charging electric cars 8 cents a mile, sense they don't pay gas tax.

  4. I would lease an electric vehicle. I would never buy one because of the cost of replacement batteries. I would consider one as a car for my wife for running around within 70 miles of home is our range, around 5000 miles a year because we are both retired. I myself have a ram 1500 hemi V-8 pick up truck. I have had trucks all my Driving life since I was 17.. I kept my last van for 31 years, my last pick up for nine years, my current pick up is five years old, 14,000 miles.. The reason for the low mileage is, I commuted as long as they weren’t throwing salt here in western Pennsylvania on motorcycles. even if it was drizzling in the morning for my 31 mile round trip commute on back roads..
    replacing batteries in an electric vehicle scares me. A buddy of mine bought a Brahma electric motorcycle. It’s the one that has a six speed manual transmission and a clutch. Maybe water told him to discharge the battery completely overnight, that way, when he recharges the battery it will have greater range. He took that bad advice. When he went to charge the battery, it would not take a charge… he ended up calling the factory after a few days and talking to one of the engineers over the phone.. they talked him through a checklist and determined that his battery was “trashed “ he asked how much is a new battery then..
    no I’m gonna tell you the price but I’m telling you I am not kidding about this price for just a battery. The engineer explained that a battery is actually a pack of seven batteries. Each battery in that pack cost $6000. Multiply that by seven, that’s $42,000 for a battery alone. The motorcycle brand new was only $21,000 which came with a new battery..
    he ended up selling the motorcycle on eBay for parts..
    I was keeping an eye on eBay looking for a used battery for him possibly from a crashed salvaged bike. And I was coming across salvage yards selling used batteries out of Teslas.
    there was a used battery with 25,000 miles on it out of a Tesla two years old. Out of a crashed Tesla. The starting bid was $25,000..
    there are people on YouTube that have bought Nissan leaf electric cars very cheap because they need batteries, but they’re still good for around 50 to 70 miles depending on temperature with the batteries that are in them now. The problem is, having a battery replacement cost more than the Kelley blue book value of the car…
    so for that reason, I would consider leasing one, but I would not buy one..
    One other little thing
    I am retired from the electric industry, the generation /distribution end..
    in meetings about the national electric grid and its future. California came up a few times, and the additional load caused by electric vehicles in the future..
    right now in 2022, if every vehicle in California was an electric vehicle. In the entire generation capacity of the entire state of California was designated just for charging electric cars, that includes wind, solar, Hydro, fossil fuel, atomic energy..All of our generation capacity could not even come close to satisfying the demand of just electric vehicles.

  5. What power company do you have and what price per kwh do they pay you back? I have WEEnergies and am grandfathered in until 2024 , I'm on Time of Use Approx 19 cents per kwh from 8 am to 8 pm and .08868 cents per kwh from 8 pm to 8 am also on weekends . I belive that will drop to somewhere around 3 or 4 cents per kwh when my grandfathered in ends. The power company also raised the monthly fee ( Facilities charge) for being hooked up and made me put on a second meter for the solar that they charge me monthly for also. I'm also leaning toward getting a powerwall . Right now in Wisconsin you can't even get one yet.

  6. I gonna setup high efficient solar panel about 3 kWh s total. To charge my Kona Ev for about 2kwh from standard plug while i m doing my job.
    8*2 = 16 kw a is enough for my daily drive
    Man it’s just little bit crazy to me. I can’t imagine ten years ago. Dude you have your personal gas station or something like that.

    Great video great job thanks.

  7. 28 miles an hour? If you had 24 panels, that would be 56 miles per hour or a 1 hr charge for ally daily driving?

  8. Great video, very helpful. Plan to get Tesla panels (we had panels by Pure Energy) as we just purchased the 2021 TM3. You mentioned a referral? Can you send/post that?

  9. Here is how I charge my Tesla
    I live off-grid in a solar powered house I built myself singlehandedly. Finally figured out how to charge my model 3 long range from the sun. I have four 300 watt solar panel gets full sun all day. I have a Growatt inverter which has an 80 amp MPPT charge controller built-in. I Have configured panels serial/parallel for 24 volt output. Growatt is split phase so it provides 240 volt output.Then I have four BattleBorn batteries. Get 28 miles per hour. $1250 for panels, $750 for Growatt inverter, $3000 for batteries, misc cables fuses $250, total $5,250. Actually anticipating charging my cybertruk next year.

  10. My biggest worry with getting solar in my future home is how much I love to use air conditioning. Do you have AC and what type of impact do you see in your energy consumption?

  11. I recently watch a video by a girl on YouTube that did (slowly) charge a model S battery (50KWh) with a standard 110v plug and a regular household outlet at a rate of 23 cents a KWh. She uses 160 KWH a month and drives a full 700 miles (1125KM) with it for less than 37 dollar total. It takes 3.24 charges and she is happily confused about it. Nobody should invest so much in Solar to just charge a Tesla with that kind of a range/KWh and only $12/full charge. Of course you have the Solar doing different things, but so does she without.

  12. i live downtown in a city in argentina if i was living in a rural area i would have solar + EV. Great to see real time data. keep up the good work

  13. hello, where does the electricity come during the night from your provider? is it renewable energy too or is it some gas/coal backup? i like the idea that the excess energy you send to grid might be used to charge someone elses EV while he's at work or so but with this net metering credits i wonder if they come from renewable too as you send your energy company renewable energy so it should be traded renewable for renewable to be "net" metering… sorry if this sounds confusing, i'm not native english speaker

  14. I have 14kw array on my house, handles most of the load except in Jan and Feb when we run some electric heat. Just ordered a model 3. With the array and free charging at work its a no brainer.

  15. I'm not really the freshest apple in the basket when it comes to electricity but can ya like…make the solar charge a battery when you're not home and use the battery at night or when it's not really that sunny outside

  16. Just saying at least in Wisconsin the tax credit you get for installing a "green alternative" is the cost of a Tesla charger. I know you have to pay for the electricity but it will still be cheaper than buying a large block of ugly panels on your roof. You also have to maintain the panels.

  17. Are you charging tesla with DC power straight out of solar system, or is it charging with AC power?

  18. Peace… Shalom… Salam… Namaste and Thank You for All that you are doing to Heal our Mother Earth 🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌ 🌷 ❤

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