Community Solar Is Bringing Renewable Energy to Everyone

A new business model for residential power enables people to switch to solar without the up-front cost of home installation, a critical step in bringing lower-income Americans into the green fold.

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  2. Community solar should be used for any roof over an 8/12 pitch and for systems under 6kW as well. It's a waste of everyone's time to do projects on steep roofs and small systems.

  3. Just asking for your opinion on a different concept of my own that is quite basic. The build can at least be of 2 ultra strong permanent magnets, one above another where the top magnet stays stationary on a plastic* container filled with water while the other is inside that container. Between the top magnet and the container needs to be a very narrow gap for which a light sheet of lead* can easily slide between the magnets just enough to cause the bottom magnet to fall as if it were a delicate power switch that the rise and fall will help* generate more electrical power than it would take to move the lead* sheet in and out of that gap in least frictionless way, maybe levitated by other magnets. The water is basic to prevent damaging and even far to much noise.


    In summary… it would be as if the permanent magnets can be switch on and off like electro-magnets.


    I tend to come up with a whole lot of various ideas that worked out awesomely, but… not always able to test some of my ideas out.

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  5. Solar Global takeover!

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  6. Everybody can "participate" in the energy industry by simply buying and using electricity. If companies want to buy and own solar panels, that's great, there is plenty of demand for electricity; but when you try to blend "climate change" with "community engagement" you are almost certainly selling snake oil, subsidies, and uneconomic charity. Let the energy market work, and we'll all be better off.

  7. Why is the business owners race matter to anyone? Race should be irrelevant in our society in today’s world.

  8. From Elon: "10,000 km2 x 0.24 GW/km2 x 21% = 500 GW
    , Which is more than current US electricity consumption of 425 GW."

  9. Community solar is a subscription based, solar power plant. They’re just calling it something different.

  10. Checkout Starlink for better internet service. Also look at vertical wind turbines to boost your output. There is a new company called Solar Windows Technologies. It’s an upstart but will be cheaper than regular solar panels and will more than triple your energy output if you can get it going. Imagine how many windows that you have facing sunrise and sunset plus your regular solar array.

  11. Be careful, small scale solar in residential area in places like Baltimore can be more expensive than getting electricity from the grid.

  12. You would have watched above video

    What was your thoughts

    Did you also think
    We can also encourage some one here in our region to do the same

    Hang on

    Should it be solar ?

    Can it be anything else ?

    If so,
    What it could be
    For your region
    ward / council / county .. whatever your place is termed

  13. It is so great that community solar allows people to benefit from this cheapest (and clean) form of energy! People won't have the burden of the high upfront installation cost, or denial because they rent their house. This brings the benefit of lower energy bills AND a reduction in pollution energy-generating industries to these communities.

  14. Jeey! The more solar the better! But: Dear Americans: How messed up is your system?
    Here in Europe every household can choose its energy provider.
    So all that stands between you and solar power is a phonecall to your network operator.
    Why is this such a big issue in the USA?

  15. Hi, I'm looking for data about the environmental impact of the production of solar panels, it looks quite hard to find updated information. Can someone point me in the right direction?

  16. She seems like a very nice person. But you are not bringing solar to Seattle where it is cloudy most of the times. But I'm glad she is doing what she's doing.

  17. This should be the future of energy industry. Localized generation but still interconnected. Closer generation will improve efficiency to the roof.

  18. 4:52 what does is matter what color his skin is?! Besides, African Americans make up about 10% of the US population, so the share of African American business owners will obviously be low compared to the rest of the population. I don't understand why skin color is so idolized…

  19. Why not elevate those solar panels 12ft or so off the ground so they become more environmentally beneficial as shelter for flora and fauna, less prone to damage, functional garden canopy, improve ground water retention, etc.

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