Comparing the BEST Solar Panels of 2022

With the exit of LG Solar from the solar panel manufacturing industry, homeowners are having to focus on lesser known solar panel manufactures like @Q CELLS North America and @RECGroupMedia. As a certified partner for both these great companies, it only made sense that we do a video comparing the latest generations.

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  1. So, in a tight comparison, other factors can be considered. Like aesthetics – how do the two installations differ visually?

  2. Weren't half-cut cells pioneered by REC and not QCells? The temp. coefficient value most looked at is Pmax. REC quotes a value of -0.26% while QCells quotes -0.34%. REC's higher efficiency wins out with smaller roofs while larger roofs can produce power more economically with QCells.

  3. Geez people relax. I've been in solar almost 40yrs. Smaller roof, energy efficiency is always first before solar. Tesla? Please, cmon now. Qcell now is an owner of REC so I'd bank on QCell. I have to service these and never a grumble from qcell. IQ8 all the way with Encharge is the perfect match if you know your chemistry. This guy did great. Can we get cheaper pricing sure. Every company and region have their own margins needed to stay alive. But I will stand by energy efficiency first before solar. Hawaii is the oldest solar state and renewables are built in our DNA, yes I know they'll be haters but I've been doing this my entire life.

  4. Imagine saying "lesser known brands" and putting all of the Chinese manufacturers on that list.

    Trina solar is like 60% lower price, while at the same time having a significantly higher power output. (400 watt panels vs 550 watt panels)

    These "lesser known" brands, are the real reason LG had to throw the towel in.

    They are no longer competitive.

  5. Hey just want to say thank you to you guys, I do virtual solar for a brokerage. And your channel is a wealth of information on all the gear we sell. You might actually get chuckle of one of my appointments, I steal a lot of your verbiage. Thanks a lot for everything you do guys.

  6. Why is it so expensive ??? – Tata or Adani 6.5 kWh costs only Rs 350,000 in India. That is approximately 5000 USD before government subsidies.

  7. I just got quoted $21k for a 13.5kw Tesla roof after fed rebates. This is no comparison video, this is an infomercial and you are price gouging.

  8. REC don't make landmines and kill people. Look up Hanwha previously called the Korean Explosive Company.

  9. $1328 is not roughly $2000. Even pre-rebate pricing is under $1800. Although it's a great idea to offset the potential QCELL degradation by adding an extra panel, this is only possible if you're not already at max capacity for your roof space.

  10. Thank you for this comparison. These are the exact panels I am currently looking at. One difference you didn’t mention is I have Limited roof space and I can fit more REC panels on it because they’re smaller.
    Do you think it’s worth sticking with the 7+ micro inverters to also bring down the cost?

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