Complete DIY Solar Setup 200 Watts Panel, 100 AH Battery (Explanation, Installation & Commissioning)

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Complete DIY Solar Setup using 200 watts Monocrystalline solar panel,
100AH Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Battery and 20A MPPT solar Charge controller.
Explanation, Installation and Commissioning.
This is my Do It Yourself Project.
For the Materials I used and the purchased price, you can watch it on the last part of the video.
For the DC breaker and wire specification, (which I forgot to include in the video, see below):
from PV Panel to SCC: 20A DC Breaker
from SCC to Battery: 20A DC Breaker
for SCC load side (for Light only): 10A DC Breaker
PV cable Red and Black: 6mm2

——- contents on this video ——-

00:00 – Intro
00:52 – How many watts is 100Ah battery
07:18 – Types of Solar Panel
09:57 – MPPT Solar Charge Controller how it works
16:57 – Solar installation materials
23:06 – Solar installation process
01:02:58 – Setting Up the MPPT controller
01:09:07 – SCC Load side installation and testing
01:18:24 – Solar Panel Installation
01:25:43 – Commissioning 200 watts Solar Installation
01:31:01 – Materials cost of a 200 watts solar setup