Connecting Solar Panels to the Growatt/EG4 Emergency Power Cart

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There were some questions asked regarding solar panels being used with the portable power hand truck cart that I built a few weeks ago. Hopefully this video will answer those questions and give some insight into matching panels with your particular charge controller.

WARNING: Lithium batteries are dangerous and can result in fire! This video is NOT intended to be instructional or a “how-to” lesson. I am not a professional. Do not attempt anything you see here without first contacting a certified and/or licensed professional.

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Electrical Calculations
02:59 Solar Panel Connections
03:58 Inverter Connection
04:59 MC4 Disconnection
05:39 Final Thoughts

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  1. I have a Question, I heard there is that issue with the 48v units and a hazard of being electrocuted if you touch the terminates, after it is charged and live. from what i have researched, it seems to only be an issue with 48v setups. could you recommend a 24v set up for this same kind of build?

  2. Does the battery have it’s own charge controller? Or, does the inverter have it’s own charge controller? Or, is there an understanding that a person is expected to have an added charge controller when they use the solar panels?

  3. Hello I wanted to build this but wanted to hook up a small generator 110v1500w and limit the current draw in growatt unit. Sales lady says 3000w model not suitable w generator . Then I looked at manual and it says use a diesel generator only rated at least 10kva. I'm wanting the portability you just made, and to charge from panels mostly or a small genset like the honda 2200, Any ideas why this inverter is only rated on a diesel generator? seems kinda odd. We live on an Island and we have had 24 power issues in 6 months.

  4. Very well done and has me thinking hard. Right now I use a Xantrex 12v inverter and 6 – 6V trojan batteries connected to utility power. Auto switchover in the event of a line failure. It is 1100 AH but is not portable considering each or the six batteries is over 100#. Would love to see how you mounted the solar panels. Flat on the ground or some type of frame or rack to hold them? Do you need a charge controller on the solar side to protect the batteries? This is a great setup for when the SHTF scenario.

  5. Can you make a beginner friendly video on how to charge it with an existing solar roof panels? I’m pretty sure lot’s of viewer here wanted to add batteries to their existing solar panels. Thanks for making beginner friendly videos!

  6. White people are always trying to control and contain nature. Please stop just leave the sun alone. We don’t need you people ruining our planet

  7. Here's my comment for your YT Algorithm …. You taught me something and I always appreciate that!! NICE job explaining what you have!

  8. Fantastic video. FYI, I had to set playback at .75. You talk so fast I had to keep rewinding. LOL. Do you have a more advanced video if some one wanted to hook the unit up to their house for emergency purposes as well as a switching system to engage and disengage.. Thanks.

  9. two radius r=1m frequency=333Hz (20kprm or above) mass flywheel energy storage, design equation is S=E/m=(pi^2)(r^2)(f^2), gives 300Wh/kg (and 30kWh/kg with 3.3kHz or 200krpm) [units MJ/kg], dont be afraid of jet engines spinning, they dont blow up because of radial acceleration forces, just make the discs from solid metal, very simple, large energy storage for homes, like 1000kg mass disc, giving 300kWh storage, just add maglev opposite on a stick, and a dc or ac motor generator with a distance clutch

  10. Will this power a dryer? Biggest costs according to WE energies in Wisconsin. 1 Clothes Dryer 2. Air Conditioner 3 Computer. Anyone knows?

  11. Is there a specific reason you choose a growatt inverter over an EG4?
    I'm looking to duplicate this system.
    Great idea.

  12. How about a video on battery management software and apps? I just read the MPP manual about download, unzipping, compatible hosts etc, and I realized there is a lot to it. I'd also like to be able to change parameters remotely, without going to the LCD screen and pressing a lot of buttons.

  13. Does it matter what voltage the panels are as long as you are in the range of the mppt and under voc? Wasn't sure since the system is 48 volt.

  14. Love your videos but please one question, what's the deal with the temperature range? I live in FL, hottest is like 110 coldest is 28… And that was only for an hour or so at night. Why does cold affect your solar panels? Thanks

  15. Very nice! Is it ok to keep the system on the porch long term as long as it's out of the sun and rain? Is there a downside to keeping the battery and generator outdoors?

    I plan to run my system from the porch with my panels in the sun as well.

  16. The problem with only two in series is the min voltage for the MPPT to kick in is 50V and you’re not much above that even in full sun.

  17. You sir, have a new subscriber. Thank you for simplifying the information for newbies. I really appreciate it

  18. Excellent work. I have been with you in this project from the beginning. Can you state the total cost of the project including panels and cabling.

    And another think. Does the inverter controls lithium charging as well while a load consumes more or less from the panel production.

  19. Good stuff! How long does it take to charge from zero to full with these solar panels? Thanks for sharing.

  20. Very good explanation of what to consider when selecting the right configuration for your panels.

  21. Why did you turn off the inverter when attaching the solar panels to it? I am trying to find a procedure for energizing and de-energizing a solar system.

  22. Insurance may make you install pvboxes with breakers and surge protection and grounding with even one panel. It is a "it depends" factor.

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