Did you know you could build your own Solar Panels for next to nothing?

See how thousands of Americans are using this amazing technology to save energy bills.

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Will you continue to pay hefty prices for your Energy Bill?

Without a solar panel you are losing a lot of money but no more after you’ve downloaded this video.

Today meet Michael Harvey who saved $14,400 by building his own solar panel to power his whole household from scratch.

If you love to enjoy freedom from paying huge bills then this solar project is your only shot at getting your true freedom.

8 videos with step by step guides are available for download right away.

Download Full Tutorials (1-8) :

Step by step video on how to build your own solar panel was found here:


  1. Six-plus minutes in, and it's still just Bubba modeling tools like he's Vanna White. Can't do it. Especially with that elevator music. I'm sure there's good info in there somewhere, but I just want to see the dang build.

  2. How about a clear panel of lexan over your panel with 4 points of spring loaded shock absorbers @ each corner ,in order to protect the cells.

  3. The electronic music background is a real pain, especially to older viewers whose hearing is not as good as it used to be.

  4. Just watched this video but its the best of will videos. Thanks for the great work. But can't you note for us all the required material in the description box🙏🙏

  5. It's 2021. You can get 250W panels for 50 bucks. San Tan solar in Arizona sometimes has perfectly working used panels, pulled from giant installations for 30 cents a watt.

  6. Very professional video. I was thinking at first that the production of the photovoltaic cells would be included too

  7. OK, you just lost me.

    The fumes from soldering, are vapors.
    GASEOUS vapors. Go right through
    that kind of mask.



  8. 60W for $200 ???? That's pretty expensive.
    I can buy from china for half the price or less, incl. batteries and inverter.

  9. Very intuitive and simple, it would have been nice to see the connection to the charge controller also but overall educational Thanks

  10. I've been thinking. My wife buys these garden lamps with tiny solar chargers. Anyone tried to make large panel combining these?

  11. Good tutorial, basic but informative. To make your own panel nowadays with decreasing prices for ready to install panels with free shipping it only comes to custom fit and designs. Maybe something light that you can fold, and again this is widely available. Recently i discovered that you can pancake two panels on top of each other and slide them out underneath so it doubles the solar area if needed. This is especial useful if you install panels on a roof of a van. Motor-driven-mechanism of-course. By making rails at production stage of the panels you minimize the overall size of the panels sliding over each other. Basically you could pancake 2 and even more layers like a telescope. When a storm hits or heavy rainfall is minimizing voltage output you can retract all panels beneath each other and put some DIY tarp around it for protection, how cool is that.

  12. Can someone list out all the materials and tools and reply to this comment. I will give it a lile and you would be doing me a huge favor

  13. The video on the panels was great. I just wouldnt know what converter to use and so forth. Will you be doing one on how to take the panels and hook them up to be used buy a standard outlet. Any info on where to go from there I would greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  14. Wow!!! I never realised how easy it could be to build them from scratch so thanks very much my friend. I've wanted to attempt this for yrs but didn't know it could be done so cheaply.. I will be getting down to this as soon as the weather changes here in 🇮🇪 IRELAND bro..
    I have a Q for u if u don't mind me asking??
    Is a Solar panel only useful during the summer months or could it be used all Yr round?? These batteries u speak of as storing power in? How accessible are they for ppl like myself who know absolutely nothing about this subject..
    I want to eventually learn to go completely off grid in the next 3-5yrs or at least that's what I'm hoping for if I'm allowed to do it.. Are there laws that say we cannot come off the electric grid if u know what I mean?? Can the Gov stop its citizens or would the law be different for every country??

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