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  1. Large solar panels require freight delivery. This fee is common across all large panel distributors, not just Santan solar. The shipping price will be determined by how far you live from the warehouse. Some people are saying they are getting better shipping with santan, others with signature solar etc. Neither one is trying to "rip you off". You just live further from the warehouse than the other one.

    I figured this was implied, but I have been seeing people complaining about the shipping price. These are standard rates. Nothing new or special about them. If you can pick them up by driving to Arizona, do that instead.

    They have 22000 in stock

  2. Fun Fact: Batteries that are manufactured produce more carbon dioxide in the air (fossil fuels), than regular automotive cars as a byproduct. This is due to the manufacture process to extract these minerals from the ground, guess what is run by coal, oil.

  3. Will, thanks for the in depth analysis of these panels. I live in Mesa, AZ, 12 miles from their facility. Went over today, August 5th and purchased 10 ea. for my additional array. They are in great shape as you indicated. However, they did increase the price a wopping $5.00 and are now selling for $55.00 ea. I will be hooking them up in the next several weeks and will update my post.

  4. There is very little security having them on the ground. You might not even notice is a string went missing…. lol

  5. Is there a clamp meter specific for homes? I'm trying to figure out how much power my home uses at its peak to see how many panels I need.

  6. I can go on ebay right now and get a 250W panel for $61.59 which is in Australian Dollars so $45.35USD – What's more the price goes down to $55.43 (US40.82) if you buy 4+ of them, it also has free shipping and they are brand new flexible panels. That said awesome video

  7. the Solar inverter says it's max PV is 4,000w right? but you said it could handle 8k watts? I'm looking at solar for my house and was thinking of getting 32panels, but figured i would need 2 of these solar inverters in parallel because they say 4000w each?

  8. Do these need to be on the ground/ have some air under them? or can these be attached to a roof? etc

  9. So can you explain me what is an array meaning how these panel are connected ? Are they in series or parallel ?

  10. Found a local warehouse supplier selling 230 watt panels $50 a pop. no tax on solar in New Mexico. LETS GOOO

  11. OK Noob question here! I'm buying the Ecoflow Delta that has a max solar input of 400w. Would using 2 of these for the Delta be a problem? Could I "choke" the panel output a bit by covering a portion of one of the panels possibly?

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