DIY: Solar Power for your Boat – 2020 Episode 2 extended cut!

Solar power for your boat can be a clean and quiet alternative to running a generator all the time.
SunTech Solar offers DIY solar power kits with detailed instructions and diagrams for quick and easy installation. Get more solar product information from SunTech Solar’s website at

What you need to know before shopping for a sun powered solar kit.
1. How much energy does your boat use?
2. What is your boat’s battery capacity?
3. How big is the area where you want to install the solar panels?

Take a look at how much room you have on the highest point of your roof. You should install the panels in an area that avoids shading and can capture the most sun exposure. Most 30-foot boats require an average of 300 to 350 watts of power per day and the fridge is usually the biggest power hog. The cost of a sun-powered solar kit for a 30-foot boat starts around $1,200.

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  1. Hi, I like the idea of using magnets for the installation on canvas. Ingenious idea! Are you using two magnets above and below the canvas or magnet above and a washer below? Thank you, Roberto

  2. So if the magnets are so strong why use nuts and bolts for your installation?

    Edit: Just noticed the nut and bolt hold the magnets onto the panel.

  3. Is there a way to completely replace my generator with a solar marine generator that powers everything on the panels? I would assume in today's day and age, there has to be a way replace the generator. My boat sits on shore power the majority of the time with the AC running. I assume the shore power can continuously recharge the battery and when out on the water, the solar panels will charge the batteries while i use the generator.

  4. This video singlehanded you took all of the mystery out of this process and has me very confident in tackling this task myself. Thank you guys very much for this Info!

  5. Thanks for the informative video. I'm trying to get some advice on how to use Solar panels, to charge my deep cycle Electric trolling motor batteries, three 12 Volt batteries, all wired in series, to supply the necessary 36 Volts to the motor. Could I use one Victron controller, and feed it's battery output to all three batteries, with a diode in each positive leg (between the controller and the positive battery terminal)?

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