How I installed my off grid, solar powered workshop using modular Goal Zero supplies. The Coolest part about this system is that the inverter, battery, and solar hookups are all contained in the new Goal Zero Yeti 1000x. Anytime I want, I can disconnect the Goal Zero Battery Powered Generator and take it with me to a job site or campsite!

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I have a total of 5800 watt hours of storage which is enough for me to build for a few days constantly with lights… but everything is constantly charging and I rarely have dipped below 50% battery life so far.

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Materials and Supplies:
Goal Zero Yeti 1000x:
Solar Panels:
Battery Tanks:
Charge Controller:
Conduit Bender:
Lights I used:
Angle Brackets:

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  1. Anytime you cut the tube, file the inside to prevent the wire rubbing on it
    Also, there was no need to splice the wire, it can cause future issues unless you ran out of cable, in that case you use some brass wire connectors that you tighten using screws. In your case, you could've just ran the cable directly to the source or used a wire puller (they sell them at home depot, orange and go up to 100ft I think)if it's too complicated

  2. Really interesting to sea this battery power stations used for off grid work shop applications. Might consider doing it myself.

  3. Follow this guide for how NOT to wire a shed. Don't ground the conduit. Don't use EMT connectors entering the lights. Don't use a strain relief for a cord entering into a box. Don't strap the EMT to spacing rules. Conclusion? Don't ask an experienced electrician for help and don't do research of proper electrical installations. Wing it.

  4. Where's the AC setup? IK that you've already done an AC setup for that house, but I wanna see what you do with this shed.

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  6. If you go with 2-3 (500 watt solar panels ) you wouldnt have power issues the setup you have is small power setup ….

  7. In. General, I like them video and idea of getting off grid with green electricity (neglecting the resourced the production of all of this used). However, not sure how many people might get down to reality when they see that the rough spend (w/o conduits, cables, etc.) is $4.5k. Not sure how much a kWh in your place costs, but you can by a lot of kWh for this. Those equipment need to get way (!!!!) cheaper, before it will have a significant positive impact overall. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Wait dude … I think you wired your charge controller incorrectly at 10:55. Black is negative, red is positive. It looks like you may have gotten it wrong on both sides. You should probably fix that to prevent any future problems.

  9. 5.8kWh of battery with 400Wp panels? Goodluck charging those batteries up. If Goal Zero helped you design this system, they have no idea what they are doing…

  10. 12:43 wait you mean to tell me that had they paid you, you'd only tell us how awesome it was, regardless if it sucked?
    Is that how it works in sponsorship? sarcasm

  11. great video but let me add few things
    -make main(fusebox) box and wire up everything in that,make 1 main wire to go back to avoid breaking your generator
    -check your watt consumption,do some basic math , p=i x v. lets say,your battery is 12v with 20 ah .you need 240watts constant for 1 hour to charge 1 battery. and weather can distrub that, so 5 hour straight for charging
    -count your usage, lets say your not using table saw etc,just lamp and charger, lamp total 100w +charger 50w.150w for hour x 15 hour usage. 2250watt total.
    – well all of this is easier on paper, but this setup needs upgrade,for safety and better job in wiring, and for next setup,with this simple calculation you can buy separate part cost way cheaper and suit your usage with easy maintenance

  12. Cool setup. Good points made by other commenter. With 1.6m subscribers I'd imagine the checks are getting nice. Maybe it's time to upgrade your table saw.

  13. Man, what happened with you and your videos? I remember patio project and floor for parents, you rly did good work there, it was different and we could see tones of effort in your work.
    Now days, you give us, low effort sponsored videos just to sell shit…

  14. This is an all-inclusive package for any woodwork designer/builder Ryan's product is a compilation of experience and expertise to bring out the best for any woodwork. I can use this for a long time to come.

  15. why is he using HART tools… been watching him for a while and never thought I'd see him use the overpriced Walmart trash. Ryobi has been him and ben's tool brand, did his sponsorship drop or did he sell out for Walmart lol.

  16. Seems like a big oversight from Goal Zero to have to use a separate solar charge controller with the additional Tanks instead of the charge controller that's built in.

  17. If you’re only using cheap starter tools like this guy a setup like this may work. However, if you have a “real” shop this setup will not power anything. All my big boy tools are rocking 220v+. Goal Zero is a ripoff of a company for clueless people. On a final note this joker did get this system for FREE from Goal Zero. If he paid for this shit system Goal Zero would not have been there filming as well. 🤣

  18. I have never seen someone do such a shitty and irresponsible electrical installation, do not follow anything he did, we have an electrical code and regulations for a reason, there are about 30 code violations in the raceway installation alone

  19. 400 watts solar really enough to keep your system charged? Or do you just not use the shop that often (i.e. maybe once a month)…

  20. $5k USD for 5800 watt hours?
    Ok the portable base is an OK thing.
    But seems you could have done better having a dedicated system for the Workshop and the Potable unit also.

  21. If I were you I would also support the emt 3 feet after the junction boxes. That’s code but also it’ll help them not move especially if you hit them with a tool or piece of wood. Hitting unsupported emt may cause it to move and bite into your wire. Also I would pound a ground bar in outside your shed and ground your metal junction boxes.

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