DIY Solar Suitcase 350 watt HQST solar panels RV solar off grid

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DIY on building a portable solar suitcase for RV. Using two 175 watt HQST solar panels joined to make a portable case for big power while boondocking dry camping or even for boating.
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  1. A couple of suggestions. It would be better to have your junction box at the top of the panels. Les chance of moisture getting in. I would also silicone a three way switch to one panel and connect your solar panels to it so you can select 1 panel or 2 panels or both off. On the other panel I would silicone mount a charge controller. On the battery wires out of the controller I attached a 5-0 amp Anderson connector so I can connect different ends to the battery Leeds like male cigarette plug to charge through a cigarette lighter or battery clamps to connect to a battery. This is how I did my portable panel and it is truly portable. The switch for your panels is necessary because you need to connect your battery before your solar panels or you will wreck your controller.

  2. I really like your setup. Can you give me the size of the bolts, spacers, and nylon locknuts? What are the brass looking spacers inside the telescoping rods? How high off the ground did you drill the rod holes? Thanks

  3. Nicely done. I think I will plagiarize your idea. I don't have a tap set some I'm curious if the pin idea worked? I did find the answer about what time of pin. This is really great.

  4. I love your idea, I recently bought one 100 HQST panel, but I love how you turned it into a suitcase , thanks for sharing bro so much. Keep up the good work man

  5. Nice work man! I like this set up alot. I personally have a 180W mobile set up right now. I have been looking into getting two 150W panels exactly like this. My inverter has a solar charge controller built into it as well with a max wattage of 300W so this would be perfect.
    I am wiring up two more 6 volt batteries on my trailer so I will have a total of 460AH of batteries. Excellent video!!

  6. What are the quick pins or quick clips you mentioned that you might try? I would like to try them for the bracing, but I do not know what they are. If you could add a picture or a link, that would be helpful. Otherwise, great video, very helpful, and one of the better approaches to this subject, among the many out there, IMHO.

  7. “Because it is a little bit heavier.”. ( that would have been the ideal point to TELL US what the weight is )… ok I see 48 lbs. Thanks for posting your solar suitcase build 👍 im thinking i might try this with flex panels first, they have to be close in power to the foldable panels and lighter than these with aluminum frames.. we’ll see.

  8. Why should we pay those CCP supply chains for packaging and hiding our modern technologies and monopoly device resources? They are not giving us better devices. We all know those solar devices received more energy from the sun in thermal form, why should we waste more resources to China on a supply chain neglecting it?!!

  9. The heat kills them. The next-generation solar panels should have higher thermal tolerance and they should be able to use that thermal energy to generate more electricity as well.

  10. SmallRig have that kind of screw with a quick half circle metal handle on it, to go fast with you Camera equipement, tripod etc.. Look for that.

  11. getten ready to make mine/ great idea's/mine are 100amp each to power 350w solor generator for my wife's CPAP,other wise:we were dry campers and just used our truck lighter socket to charge our phones

  12. Real easy numbers! I'm all about the simple solar. What's up boss. YT rec'd this video and I'm watching so I thought I'd leave a comment.

  13. Most solar panels warranties are voided when you drill additional holes in the housing so check yours before drilling!

  14. Thank you for the video. I like your pole extenders. I have 2- 200 watt Rich Solar panels that I want to do the same thing. I did hear that it may be better to protect the backs of the panels because they just have a thin layer of protectant, the glass is very durable…. Your thoughts? Thanks again….

  15. What do you guys think? Leave a comment and let me know what you are using. Curious to see what the average is..👍

  16. Very informative video my young friend. Thanks for sharing it. I would have been nervous drilling into the aluminum frame of those panels. Looks like fantastic setup that I will try to duplicate for my 22ft. trailer. Should work well down in Arizona where I do a fair amount of gold prospecting.

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