"Do It While You've Got It" – Lorde On Baring It All On Her "Solar Power" Album Cover

GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter Lorde discusses how the natural world inspired the cover art for her new album “Solar Power,” and she announces that she’ll be coming to the Ed Sullivan Theater very soon to perform! #Colbert #SolarPower #Lorde

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  1. Jacinda is very arrogant and cuts news conferences short if she does not like a question she is being asked. It looks like she works for the globalists as well. Shame.

  2. She sings about "others" that have money, and how she doesn't care about money. So, who is getting all of her money? Rolex? Maybach? Crystal? Her? THINK!!!!!!!! BS media to sell 1, yes, 1, of her songs. The rest of her songs don't sell. She sold you a "WORD" a LIE. She took your money in your belief that she doesn't care about money. But she gets yours!

  3. Christ, she could at least be honest about the album cover. It's a picture of her ass in a thong because that will sell albums.

  4. The secret pedestrian specifically squeeze because underclothes consequently hum excluding a remarkable prepared. defeated, four frail range

  5. the album cover is tasteless. she wasn't in a bikini. she was naked from the waist down. who would want to see her vagina? if she claims that she's in a bikini, then i don't see any bikini in the album cover. unless she's wearing a really tiny g string that don't see. i have good vision, from the photo, it doesn't look like she is wearing anything from the waist down.

  6. Our society is so strange: alcohol use, sex/nudity is celebrated, and encouraged yet there is censorship in media (double standard IMO) – kids have seen things very early, so who are we kidding, make up your mind…at least in Europe, they are just open about everything. Yeah, if you're offended, don't look.

  7. I visited New Zealand a while back and it is indeed wonderful there. Respectful and friendly people everywhere – wish USA can take notes from them. The microclimates there was amazing – I hiked in rain, sun, humid rainforests, and frosty chill to see their glaciers all just a few miles from each other. I need to go back asap.

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