DO NOT BUY NEW SOLAR PANELS, Watch This Video First. Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator.

If you’re thinking of buying new Solar panels soon… you should watch this video.
In this video I show you a better way to get the solar panels you want instead of buying new ones. Here we are using our Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator to repair our Solar panels.
If you are interested in purchasing the AC200P here is a link where you can get one.


  1. You should use a heat sink to protect the diodes from the heat. Everything should be tined so the diodes can be sweated into the circuit.

  2. Yeah that's definitely helpful to know. I've always been a do-it-yourself kind of guy. Apparently based on the other comments you know quite a few tricks. Good on you! Course that doesn't really help with that accent you have up there! But that's okay, I don't hold it against you that you talk funny!
    Liked and subscribed. I even lit the Bell up for you, that's something I very rarely do.
    Hahaha 😁.
    Rick Fort Worth Texas.

  3. 15 years Solar @18kw inverts 4860 XW's X3 You Be so Happy When YOUR Done
    Solar Power Gets It Done !

  4. If the first solder you used is coreless (in an attempt to get away from the acid cored stuff), you will need to apply a separate flux to enable the solder to make a clean joint, especially since that metal "plate" you're attempting to solder to appears to have a nickel-plating (or perhaps chromium) anti-corrosion coating on it, which is why it's so shiny..

  5. ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN BUY 72 cell panels like this Used. ? Preferably broken like Cecil’s. Haha.
    Im a electronics repair guy. I can do the work myself. .

  6. Put an alligator clip between your solder joint and the diode . it will help tremendously dissipating the heat to the diode. Thanks for the info.

  7. The diode leads are very probably surface oxidised. Use some abrasive paper or a knife to lightly scrape them. Then, tin them before soldering them in position.

  8. I have two glass smashed solar panels. I covered the glass with a coat of clear polyurethane; both panels now work.

  9. Does these battery work in freezing weather? I thought they are not ment to be charged below freezing.

  10. Rosin core solder isnt that expensive and is meant for electronics. Use it. Acid core causes damage, even cold solder joints. Be sure you get the diodes pointed the right way! If the metal is thick enough, you might consider screws rather than solder to hold the diode leads. Stupid question now.. why couldn't you just use one diode across the whole circuit instead of the multiples?

  11. Thanks for the instructional video, what type of one way diodes did you use? The video didn't show the model numbers etc.

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