Do Solar Panels Need to be Cleaned?

Do Solar Panels Need to be Cleaned? While it’s inevitable that dust and dirt will find it’s way to your solar panels, this does not necessarily mean your solar panels will need to be cleaned. In this video, Charles and Warren explain why the average solar owner does not need to spend time cleaning their panels, as well as a few scenarios for when panel cleaning might be needed.

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  1. Here’s something for you to think about take eyeglasses for instance if they’re clean you see good if they’re slightly dirty you still see OK if they are really dirty and covered with a lot of dirt you don’t see through them hardly at all

  2. You guys need to take down this video because obviously you do not know what you’re talking about California environment Nevada environment Tennessee environment Texas environment Alabama environment Delaware environment are all different you did not take in to consideration any of this and you’re speaking out of your bunghole

  3. Customer has very dirty solar panel with algae/ biofilm on it. It does need cleaning. Its in an urban environment in a relatively new housing estate. 15 year to 20 years old.

  4. So you're saying this as an east coast experience. What about in west coast, out here in California, it rains for three weeks top.

  5. This is False information! I have a solar panel cleaning business and almost every single customer Has said that there production went up after the cleaning and although they paid my service fee, they are saving more money by them being cleaned.

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