Does Solar PV pay for itself? 3 year update – How much have I saved?

3 years in how much have we saved and how many years until we recoup our outlay?

Savings have reduced. If those number are all you want skip ahead to 6:30 but you’ll miss some key points.

Correction: @ 7:01 the total of 4 savings does not add up. £3136.43 includes additional savings from the home storage batteries I’ve been testing. I removed these for accuracy ,looking at just solar but missed updating the total.

System / Components and links / referrals

Ecoflow Delta Mini 882wh 1400w portable battery power station
Ecoflow River Mini 210wh 300w portable battery power station

Ecoflow Delta link:

Solar config
PV all JA solar 9.2kwp
14X280w (3.68kw Solis)
8X300w (2.0kw Solaredge)
4x450w (1.8kw) Solis
3x370w (1.1kw) Solis

Myenergi Zappi 1, Eddi and Hub

Victron Multiplus II 48/5000
Cerbo GX
5 x Pylontech Us3000C
ET112 meter

EV: Mini Electric Cooper SE Level 3 in midnight black and Chester grey leather

OCTOPUS energy referral link….
share ** £50 credit each **


⚡Instavolt App referral : £5 free charging each

Twitter: @EVPuzzle

My recommendation for solar/battery installer:

Power Different
Hethel Engineering Centre
Chapman Way
NR14 8FB
Tel: 01603 406052