EASIEST Off Grid Power Solution | Bluetti 2400WH Solar Generator

Today we are looking at the easest off-grid power solution for your cabin, tiny house or RV. The Bluetti EB240 is an awesome solar generator.

Solar Generator:
Solar Panels:

This portable solar power unit can produce 1000 watts of pure sinewave power from its built-in inverter. The power is drawn from a 2400 Watt-hour lithium-ion battery. It also has four USB charging ports and one USB-C charging port along with a 12 volt 9 amp DC outlet. This unit can be charged with standard solar panels using MC for connectors with voltage up to up to 60 volts DC and 10 amps. If you’re looking for an easy way to power your off grid cabin or RV this solar generator may be the solution that you were looking for.


  1. Thanks Marin. We recently moved to the mountains into an all electric home and were looking for ways to keep the fridge charged and some of our appliances charged. Thanks for the video.

  2. Hi Martin, I have two questions: (1) I'm not sure if you covered this in a previous comment (I tried looking), but what are the main advantages and disadvantages compared to the wall mounted "Solar Power System Battery Bank" that you have in your shed? (2) Can you use an at home wind turbine generator to also power this (or the battery bank)? I see those indicate generating much higher watts for a lower price (8,000 W for $330, AECEVAN 8000W). What are your thoughts?

  3. Thank you for explaining this. I bought one but haven't taken it out of the box due to apprehension. I don't want to break it.

  4. Hi, thanks for the video! Technically speaking, could you use this solar generator to back feed energy to your home circuit as you do with 'plug &play' solar panels?

  5. I had one of these and returned it. Twice! These are not plug-in-and-forget type battery units. If a cloud or shadow crosses the solar panels these are connected to, the powers drops while in the shade (normal) but THE BATTERIES DO NOT RETURN TO FULL POWER ON THEIR OWN. You have to unplug the barrel plug then reinsert. It will then go back to max power. This is a KNOWN issue and Bluetti knows this. CS will tell you they fixed it but not true. I ordered a second unit to try out an updated/ "fixed" unit and the problem remains. If you use this battery and leave for they day and come back, your battery may be depleted while running your fridge for only several hours due to shadow/clouds that may have covered part of the panel.
    If you can monitor the battery then these are good units for the current price ($1,300 with Amazon discount, as of 11-18-21).
    Their newer models cost more but offer more features. I do not know if the newer models suffer them same problem as the EB2400.

  6. Thank you for this informative video! I'm getting ready to move back to AK and live in the bush and am researching all the power options so I subscribed to your channel. This unit seems like a good option and the price isn't horrible when you consider the costs of DIY and of course the fact that you won't be paying electric bills. :). Sorry that people are being basically rude and abusive know it alls in the comments! 😛

  7. I appreciate your demonstration on plugging in your fridge, I want to purchase this generator but was worried the 1,000 watt inventor could not handle the spike of the fridge. I read that the fridge will spike 3 times the rated running wattage? Appreciate your thoughts because obviously it work. My fridge is an LG 35 amps and 115 votes or 400 watts therefore when the fridge turns on the investor would not hold. Did I do the math correctly. Thanks for your input! Cheers from Vancouver island 🇨🇦

  8. Thx for sharing. Looking for 1 to run my freezer if/when power crashes. It's 13 8 cubic feet, 115 volts, 60Hz.
    Deep South Homestead is having trouble with their large bluetti. Working with the company to resolve, BUT NOT GETTING ANYWHERE. Not sure bkuetti's lack of support is anything I want to throw my $ at.
    Hope I can figure out what to buy.
    Blessings, julie (Treasure Valley)

  9. can i use this battery after or while it's charging to power my ac and tv without affecting the battery? or will i have to charge it first and use it. (I'm new to the solar world but I'm willing to invest)

  10. Hiya I just bought this after watching your video the lead for plugging into the solar panel won’t plug in as on the lead and the panel the positive are both male fitting if I plugged them in the polarity would be reversed?

  11. I'm considering one but I know a 1,000w inverter won't run my vacuum nor my fridge. For sure none of my space heaters for winter. I run 4 different solar stations for my 12v solar system for the house: lights, fans, day TV, device charging & all exterior perimeter lighting. One of my stations is all lithium batteries but not enough for a space heater 12-24 hours.

    I'm isolated pretty much in a mountain holler so I'm ok with the noise of a generator. I could run a space heater & fridge during the day while a gas/propane gen does my fridge & space heater at night. I do like all solar but more lithium batteries and panels would cost much more. I'm not off grid, but power for heat pump, basement dehumidifiers & fridge is what I rely on the electric power for.

  12. hello, im looking for a solar power generator for my pc. Its about 850 watts. I know it doesnt use all of it. Do you know of a good solar generator I can use that would power my pc for 24 hours and when the need for charging arises i can just charge it solarly? Your help is kindly appreciated.

  13. very manly. I would like to know if I can iron, vacuum clean, safe the food in the freezer… and also how comes it charges up to 500W, I thought this was the 1000W bluetti

  14. “Generator”? Lol. It’s a battery with a charge controller and inverter built in. A.K.A. “Power station”

  15. It's been 1 1/2 years since you bought it. Is it still working? I see these all the time on Aliexpress and didn't know if they would last.

  16. How does the Ecoflow Delter compare? (with solar panels) all I need is my full size fridge, space heaters, and phones to charge. Please help

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