EASIEST Off Grid Solar Power System Battery Bank

This is the easiest off-grid solar power system battery bank we could find. We are doing the biggest upgrade to our off-grid solar system we have ever done. We are installing 8 Battle Born Batteries two Victron charge controllers and a new Victron battery monitor. This is a super-easy way to convert from lead-acid batteries to LiFePO4 batteries.

Battle Born Batteries are lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) and are great for RV, marine, or any off-grid situation. Check out Battle Born Batteries

How to build our Solar Panel Mounts

2000w Inverter
70A Charge controller
50A Charge controller
Smart Battery Monitor
Fuse Block
Solar Panels

Lug Crimper Tool
Heavy Duty Cable Cutters
3-Pound Sledge Hammer

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  1. Very important thing to have an EMP protector in your house, your car and your generator because they say it's not a matter of if an EMP strike will happen, but WHEN. Only a matter of time.

  2. I would definitely have DC Disconnects for Array and for Charge Controller as well as some Earth Grounding . Safety is MOST Important when it come to "Look What I Can Do" You Tube videos. This System would never pass NEC Code… I would hate to see all this nice equipment go up in Smoke for a lack of not completing Your Homework and not looking up basic Electricial Code. With this much power You can't have to much Protection!!!

  3. Hello Martin, I just subscribed and I was wondering how much "approximately" did you spend on your system…let's say when you got your first set up versus this new one?? How much were the lithium batteries..each? Equipment etc…And the solar panels and which brand etc. Thank you 😊

  4. Pretty cool. Thanks for showing us your setup. It's slick.

    I've recently been playing with some LiPO4 batteries called Headways. Nothing like these but the chemistry is basically the same. Charge rate and discharge rate along with lifespan being really strong points there. I bought a few thinking I'd use them outside for some security lighting but then learned about the challenge with charging in very cold temps. I'm in Southern Idaho but it still gets near Zero here which can damage them. I'm glad you mentioned that.

    One question though, what about balanced charging for the array? Is that accomplished individually within the batteries themselves?

  5. Do you have a list of all the exact components you used and links to them if someone wanted mimic your setup completely?

  6. I'd be curious to know how you connect into the house power on your breaker box in house. Is that in any of your videos? The use case would be if you want to build an on the grid system, but just to supplement and reduce power bills.

  7. You are making a mistake in the connections between the positive posts of the batteries. There's resistance between the batteries and that will create a significant imbalance over time between the top and bottom batteries. The top will want to overcharge while the bottom will have a lesser charge.

    Each positive connection (red wire) really needs to run to a hub…. or simple bus bar that's bringing in the charging and pulling the charge to and from the battery bank. Thats not had to do since they are in series and you'll be doing them 2 at a time.

    Check YouTube battery balancing videos if you aren't convinced.

    I destroyed a couple batteries (the first one where the power came into the bank) when I had a dozen or so batteries connected in this way.

    Your batteries have built in overcharge protection but you might stress it and there goes another thousand.

  8. You must have plenty of money. Someone like me that is trying to do the most with solar and wind on a tight budget cant afford the nice stuff like what is in your video.

  9. Sooo conversely, we are in Florida and need to keep our inverter cool (else our power shuts off intermittently)!

  10. can you give me the link where i can buy that thing like inverter, charge controller and batteries? you know everywhere expected crowks

  11. 素晴らしいシステムですね。羨ましいです。ご説明は凄くわかりやすかったです。

  12. Do you run your inverter to your house and if the inverter is only 2000 watts does your inverter struggle when using a lot of power? Sounds like the solar and generator replenishes what you use fast. Does the app tell you when you're overloading the inverter? Thanks

  13. Watch Morton on the Move (utube) he’ll tell you that the BattleBorn batteries aren’t going to give you as much as you think. It’s a major battery comparison. Lithium is the only way to go my friend.

  14. You should add an AC disconnect and a DC disconnect, so you don't have to unhook the panels to work on the system. All you have to do is flip the switches. Just don't forget to flip the switches back when you are done working on the system.

  15. So why didn’t you use a Victron inverter? All other item were from Victron? where did you order all items from? I just bought a large RV and am going full time as i retire with the wife. we want a large system to boondocks at much as possible and back up with generator as you do. also thought about using a 3rd charge controller with 3 external solar panels that i can put out if needed. Seems like the company you bought your equipment from were great to help you and that’s what i need!!!! Any help with info would be appreciated. love your set up!!!

  16. You can't really use 50% of lead acid. That is a false claim pushed by the manufacturers. Its always less than 50%

  17. Hey I'm just wondering….can I buy a system I can keep slowly adding batteries and panels over time without upgrading the whole heart of the system? I apologize I don't know proper terms for solar systems….but I want to start with it subsidizing and not break the bank and as I go add more batteries and pannels. Thanks

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