EL Testing of Solar Panels. What is it & How to do it. – Part 1

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A look at what EL / Electroluminescence is and how to do it.
* How to use a full spectrum / astro / paranormal camera to see cracks and flaws on a solar panel.
* Are solar panels cracked and flawed from the manufacturer. I test a brand new solar panel.
Some interesting reading on the topic:

Comparison of Electroluminescence Image Capture Methods:

Solar panel micro cracks explained:

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  1. It will be great help to me if you can suggest the specification for buying the camera, i am unable to find on eBay.

  2. Mobile phone cameras can see IR from remotes can you use an App on a phone with shutter speed and ISO app to do this ?

  3. An incandescent or halogen lamp should work much better for focusing. The LED flashlight doesn't emit much IR light.

  4. When bench photographing, especially with something producing luminescence, use black felt. They make a felt specifically for photography.

  5. One add on to that would be a remote release, which obviates the need to touch the camera once focussed and ready. Depending on the camera you plug it in to the USB port or the remote control port.

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