Electronic Basics #29: Solar Panel & Charge Controller

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In this episode of Electronic Basics I will show you how solar panels are wired up, why bypass and blocking diodes are necessary when working with them and how we can get the most power out of them. At the end I will also show you how MPPT and PWM charge controller can use a solar panel to charge up a battery.

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  1. Interesting to see that you also fell for the MPPT scam. The one shown in this video is actually not an MPPT type controller. The MPPT on its case is the name of the company manufacturing these.
    How about making our own?

  2. Thanks for sharing this information….it's very useful. I have a question, can you charge a single 12v battery with a 300w solar panel with a voltage rating of 36v?

  3. I work with solar power plants for more than 5 years and haven't heard such a good explanation on the basics of the PV system. Thank you for this video.

  4. Mom : What are you listening ?
    Me : YouTube classes
    Mom : Who is your teacher
    Me : GreatScott…..😜😜😜

  5. hej GreateScott!,
    a lot of common solar modules seem to deliver 12V and typical car voltage is also 12V. Does this mean that using a big enough wattage (~100W Module) i could charge USB-C devices "directly" (using standard USB-C car chargers) from a module, by also transforming the least amount of energy into heat? Do i miss something?

  6. Some guys cant ven pay such solar panals and you break it =(
    Please make a video of MPPT Charging controller, it will be great. I need one but I don't found any good cicuit for a DIY charge controller.

  7. I have a general question, Can a dc-dc step up module be used to maintain a solar panels output at 12v 2.5amps, when panels out drops significantly? My solar panel is 12v 50watts one and I see the output fluctuates when I connect a 19v,3amp laptop charger(around 60watts), I wonder if one of these step up modules can help

  8. Hey Will, great video, bt why are you adding a fusible link to the inverter when it has a built in fuse under the red cover? Just curious if you were lowering the amperage of the output?

  9. Thank you for explaining the MPP value and MPPT, I think with your explanation I now understand what the MPPT charge controller is doing!!

  10. Hi! Dont know why this video was not recommended to me a few weeks before! It is a very interesting video on solar panel. And i am making a MPPT charge controller for my 12 V 10 W panel to charge a 12 V 1.3 Ah battery.

  11. So I'm trying to size a 30 amp service at 110v. How many ah do I need when it comes to batteries before my 8kw inverter? IDK if it's 8kw in 110 or 12v but I'll never draw the 65amps this thing can put out. 30 amp Max. I can size my panels etc later.

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