1. Your video was so instructional! I've been trying to look for a vid that really breaks down the stuff in this video. 👌 🩺Your lesson really is similar to the content from Dr Ethan. Doctor's videos are educational and I really learned a lot for my exams. He is a great health enthusiast!

    I suggest you check his channel out and give the health enthusiast a like! ➡️ #DoctorEthanQuestions

  2. Solar and windmills are a scam. They are unnatural. It places extra stress on your roof! It is unreliable. It is expensive. You save nothing, in fact, you spend more. Go with natural gas, reliable, cheap, environmentally friendly and most of all – it is all NATURAL. No refining, No additives, just out of the ground and delivered to you for a cheaper price. The infrastructure is already in place.

  3. 1 General :

    • What is the role of a solar panel?

    • What sort of cautions should you take in installing and using the modules ?

    2 Safety precaution

    • How modules are connected?

    • What voltage can we get?

    • What are the standard test conditions ?

    3 Mecanical installation

    • What are the features of the module support ?

    • How much air space must you set under the module ?

    4 Electrical installation

    • Can you use different module setups ?

    • If you make a series connection, the voltage will be :

    • If you make a parallel connection, the voltage will be : …

    • What sort of cautions must you take to set up a junction box ?

    5 Commission and maintenance

    • Which solution is chosen to protect the module from such reverse currents ?

    • Why do you find a low voltage ?

    • Detail the process of fixing the low voltage flaw / the default low voltage ?

    6 Complete the following functional analysis: 

    7 Explain in a few words how a photovoltaic panel works
    help please

  4. I really like the video but at 0:20 you say that 0.01%of the sun's energy could supply all of the earth energy. But the energy of the sun is actually the power of it multiplied by his lifespan which is about 10 Billion years so 10^9x(365.25×24)=8.766×10^13Wh
    And 0.01% of the sun's energy is 8.766×10^8Wh.
    And we only know the energy that we uses for a small time compared to the sun's lifespan.
    It's not a big mistake it's just a little bit imprecise. Talking of the POWER of the sun or the ENERGY during a precise DURATION would have been much more adequate.
    I know you will not change the video for it but I just wanted to write it.

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