Eufy Cam Solar Panel Review – Solar Charging For Your Battery Powered Eufy Cameras

Today, we are going to check and test out Eufy’s long awaited accessory that a lot of Eufy Cam users have been asking for since they started selling their Wireless, Battery Powered Eufy Cameras. This solar panel is compatible with the Eufy Cam, Eufy Cam 2 and 2 Pro, Eufy Cam 2C and the 2C Pro, Eufy Cam E and also for their Eufy Cam Solo.

So, we will do the unboxing, check out the specs, do the installation and test this solar panel and see how fast or slow it will charge Eufy’s higher capacity cameras (13400 mAh) like the Eufy Cam 2 and the Cam E compared to their Eufy Cam 2C (6700 mAh).

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00:00 Introduction
01:49 Features and Specs
02:26 Unboxing
04:08 Adapter Installation (Eufy Cam 2, Eufy Cam 2C and Eufy Cam E)
04:57 Solar Panel Installation and Testing
09:59 Final Thoughts

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  1. Hi can you or someone confirm if this has usb -c connection or micro usb connection. i have just purchased an solocam L40 and i would like to use this. my solocam has usb_c connector . Thanks in advance

  2. on the Eufy E40 pro, how do you connect with solar panel? There is a flap when using the adapter seal for solar panel! Everyone showing the same example you show!

  3. It’s kind of pricey but it does a really good job. Before I got mine my solo cam E40 pro use to drop 4% battery a day. With the panel it sits at 80 steady even on cloudy days. Even if it was to drop, it will only take 1 day of sun light to get it up 30% and that’s cause I only get a few hours of direct sunlight.

  4. Question!
    Can we use 1 eufy solar panel to charge more than one camera at the same time if I use connectors to do so?

  5. So glad I spotted this as I literally ordered the eufyCam 2C Pro 2-Cam Kit today. This could be something that I'd consider adding to my setup. Thanks for the video!

  6. I've read that the solar panel does not work in temperatures below 35 degrees. If correct then this would be kind of useless for those of us who may live in the South but can get cold nights around 29. I'm glad I did my do diligence before spending the money. I do like my 2C except for the horrible sound quality.

  7. I never had mines on solar panel i always kept it at battery and never had an issue. I just have an issue of the camera not recording sometimes.

  8. Excellent video. Your other videos regarding comparisons between the Eufy 2 and 2 pro were very thorough! Bravo!!

  9. Roav is Anker's dash cam brand, I've had several of them, the first I got almost 5 years ago now.

  10. Can anyone tell if this camer can be charged with a regular outlet. I plan to leave it plugged in at all times. Is this possible

  11. Having the solar panel connected everyday to the camara, doesn’t that affect the battery ?

  12. Just gonna say that most likely the cameras hooked up to a solar panel shouldn't charge up to 100 percent because constantly sitting at full charge will actually degrade the battery faster.
    Optimal battery level is 50-65% when being trickle charged like this. That is most likely why the camera with 51% charge didn't charge as much in those eight hours. And the higher capacity ofc..

  13. Thanks for the review. Not sure if anyone has commented this, but isn't the difference in charging that you comment on due to the fact that you are comparing relative charging (%) between 2 different capacities. In absolute terms of mah gained the charge speeds are very similar taking into account variations in sun power from day to day and the fact that charging speeds are not linear over the capacity of a lithium battery (fast charging when levels are low and slowing down when reaching full).

  14. I wonder how well it would do with artificial light. I have an industrial space and plan to mount the cameras pretty high. If the panel will keep the battery topped off with artificial light, that would be a great win!

  15. I think clicking solar panel means it's running on the solar panel and not the battery. There's a trickle charge when on solar panel mode.

  16. Had a question 🤔 does it have to have wifi for you to be able to use on the phone app? I'm not tech-savvy lol at all

  17. Great review. Because of your reviews I bought the Eufy CamE a year ago and today the Solar panel is arriving. I've had to recharge the back camera several times this year so I can't wait to not have to worry about charging anymore. Excellent job.

  18. Really considering these, as I'm not seeing anywhere near Eufy's claims on battery life for the EufyCam 2 cameras I have, and the system is set up at a remote vacation home that I cannot just drive over and charge all the cameras. But $59 for a solar panel? hmmm… Even with all the cool brackets, etc… I think there may be some less expensive, perhaps even better, aftermarket options. Would love to see pros and cons on aftermarket solar panels for Eufy's cams. I'm seeing some on Amazon for about $35 that are more powerful at 3.5 watts, and claim Eufy compatibility. Thanks!

  19. I find this useless
    There's watertight usb cables on Amazon drill a hole through the wall feed the cable through and permanent charge it with a regular charger
    It'll look much neather and be at a tenth of this in cost…

  20. Thank you for taking the time to put together this video. This video helped me make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the Eufy Solar Panel.

  21. No sure I would bother with the solar panel unless I had a camera in a very difficult location. I.e up very high.

  22. Eufy advertises that their solar panel is 'specially designed' for use with their cameras. I'd love to know whether other non Eufy solar panels are similar in performance.

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