Eufy Cam Solar Panel Review – Solar Charging For Your Battery Powered Eufy Cameras

Today, we are going to check and test out Eufy’s long awaited accessory that a lot of Eufy Cam users have been asking for since they started selling their Wireless, Battery Powered Eufy Cameras. This solar panel is compatible with the Eufy Cam, Eufy Cam 2 and 2 Pro, Eufy Cam 2C and the 2C Pro, Eufy Cam E and also for their Eufy Cam Solo.

So, we will do the unboxing, check out the specs, do the installation and test this solar panel and see how fast or slow it will charge Eufy’s higher capacity cameras (13400 mAh) like the Eufy Cam 2 and the Cam E compared to their Eufy Cam 2C (6700 mAh).

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00:00 Introduction
01:49 Features and Specs
02:26 Unboxing
04:08 Adapter Installation (Eufy Cam 2, Eufy Cam 2C and Eufy Cam E)
04:57 Solar Panel Installation and Testing
09:59 Final Thoughts

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