Exploring solar panel efficiency breakthroughs in 2020

Exploring solar panel efficiency breakthroughs in 2020. Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code UNDECIDED for 85% off and 3 extra months for free! The past year has had some really interesting advancements with perovskite and multijunction solar cells, which are going to have a big impact. Plus, what if I told you it might be possible to harvest power from shadows?

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  1. The shadow thing is interesting but I wouldn't think you'd build it to hope that a cloud or tree might block some light on it at some point through the day. You'd just built it so half the cell is always covered by its own casing and have the other half exposed for light.

  2. My Trina half cell mono crystalline 490 wattt solar panels are generating 6 unit per kw(max).
    How much your panels are generating per kw?

  3. Lmao ive been holding off on solar because im dirt broke, but yeah a breakthrough is what im really waiting on

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  5. We should give more focus on solar and battery technology. Our main goal should be to meet 100% of our energy requirements from solar. Because solar energy will always be here whether we want it or not.

  6. Thank you for the video.
    Yet at the video you talk about panels efficiency of 23% and then about the SQ theoretical limit (30%). A limit highly depends on the cell technology while for Si it's 30% for some III-V technologies it's more around 33% and for MJ this limit is much higher approaching 50%. And this limit was given in the literature for single-cell technologies, whereas the 23% is a panel efficiency which is not the same. A panel is a series connection of modules and modules are a series/parallel connection of a certain number of cells.

  7. A solar panel does NOT stop producing electricity if it is partially obscured by a cloud or other shadow. It continues harvesting secondary light sources.

  8. With free sunlight, production cost is more important than conversion efficiency (at least for now) and cost reduction of PV have been remarkable. Right now PV is probably the cheapest way to generate electricity in most part of the world.

  9. Well, while the price of solar panels has gone way down – just in time – the price of solar batteries, e.g. the Tesla Powerwall has been going up. If homeowners are looking to be comfortable(?) safer, and keep the lights on during fire season (and more areas are experiencing these) a home battery backup is a GREAT idea. But a full Powerwall installation is about half the price of an electric Ford F-150, which can ALSO back you up, so let the market decide… But our PW is on the way, just in time for California's annual adventures and I am so damn grateful they exist. AFAIK, this is the first commercial system designed for homes. And I trust Tesla more than Ford…

  10. the fact that we can only look at 3 surfaces of the cube at the same time annoyed me, but finally it has some use. sun cant light all of the surfaces either, thus shadow panel

  11. The second thing that comes to mind from the shadow one is to place them in windfarms to have the blades cast shadows nonstop.

  12. There is evidence now that solar farms are effecting the atmosphere and changing the climate do to the heat dome they create. It's a fact just like concrete is a heat sink. The glass on the pannels are reflecting the sun back and diverting clouds that normally help cool the planet.

  13. No mention of thermo-photovoltaics at all!

    They have the potential to boost solar efficiency by taking heat produced from the unconverted solar spectra and recycling it as convertible infrared radiation.

    Given how hot a solar panel can get this isn't a small thing, and could extend the lifespan as well as boosting the output voltage.

    Combination TPV, solar concentrator and multijunction cells should produce some pretty epic conversion efficiencies.

  14. Single layer perovskite, Google Olga Malinkiewicz. She had plant in Poland producing 30% efficient panels.

  15. @9:30 "Their working prototype generates ~1.2 VOLTS. Which is enough energy to power a watch".
    Volts is not a measure of energy or power. That sentence is not very useful.

  16. That's the question I'm debating… Do I get a 25 year solar system today, or do I wait 5 years to get something a little better….. I don't know.

  17. 9:30 “generates 1.2 Volts which is enough energy…”. Voltage is not a measure of energy. I can create 20,000 Volts by rubbing a balloon.

  18. Does efficiency is important factor for purchasing solar panel?
    *One hand, 1 KW panel with 15 percentage efficiency..
    *Other hand, 1 KW panel with 22 percentage efficiency ..
    In this case does the power generation changes or size of the panel changes..?
    Please clarify my doubt..

  19. Sun doesn’t shine on solar panels when it’s dark….clouds, rain, snow, ice, dust, mold etc dramatically reduces solar panels ability…the tilted axis of the earth decreases or increases solar energy on any one spot……so when the sun goes down your power output goes down when you need power most…so you are back to storage….and batteries are a whole new ball of wax with their environmental problems and limits…solar is great for a light in the hen house…but it will not power our modern society and lifestyle…IMO…I have 1000s of solar collectors on my property…they are called leaves…they capture solar energy, collect co2 and emit O2…they are non toxic and biodegradable…they store energy as wood which has 1000s of uses…currently, nuclear generation of electricity is the greenest source that we have…geothermal has potential also IMO…new technologies will develop continuously hopefully, but neither solar nor wind will power us into the next millennium-if we last that long…flame away…

  20. Once we crack the ability to generate power from the infrared spectrum, it will be a massive step forward. Summer temps where I live will routinely peak in the low 40’s°C. As a result it can still be in the high 20’s beyond midnight. In this instance, I could be generating electricity until well into the small hours of the morning.

  21. So if the best home solar system is installed today in about 25 year when time to replace panels there will new tech with far better efficiency of 30% to 50% or even more. That's is something to look forward.

  22. There was a Solar Panel that used 3D honeycomb cells from 1979 that had 41% efficiency however it was unable to be patented because it was deemed forbidden??

  23. Scientists should break a habit to dress / address technical terms the way French cooks name their dishes.

    What the hell is “one-sun” versus “concentrated illumination” mean?

  24. Is this cheating?
    Using solar concentration means to claim 39%?

    If I understand this right, solar concentration is an elegant word for magnifying glass or mirror.

    The output efficiency must be divided by the magnifying factor in the claim. For factor of 2:1 that 40% becomes 20% just to be fair in apples to apples comparison.

    If future funding went in favor to labs of unfair claim that other more capable labs will be suffocated in limited funding. Guess who’ll be the looser?

  25. Sola panels are a waist of time and money, you can get three times more electricity from tulip and pod wind turbines that look better on the eye tulip and pod turbines can be painted to blend into any background and work during the night not like sola panels, sola panels are dead in the water at night and don't produce any power, the tulip and pod turbines do, why are we even messing with something that don't produce what we are looking for, there must be a lot of back handers going on that we don't know about for these waist of money sola panels to still be pushed out to the public.

  26. Even the newest green and energy storage technologies are now under threat. Fusion Nuclear power is the urgently needed, super cheap, green, and 24hr stable electric supply technology. Well, it is actually here already. Many plasma confinement super expensive technologies like ITER are being experimented with around the world. They are all now enormously too expensive and are dramatically superseded by "AUREON ENERGY LTD" and their SAFIRE GENERATOR/REACTOR. It is already proven, cheap and it eats fission powerplant radioactive waste and can be built super safely within our communities and at any scale on a tiny footprint, It is 24 Hours reliable and self fuelling.

  27. Solar panels should have lifespans >50 years and be non-toxic as well as them being able to be recycled. Then i am going to be exited about them. Until then it is just a stupid energy source from government subsidies.

  28. I will have to get a firewall for my house and my car and my airplane. Next thing you know I will have to get one for my rocket ships and satellite.
    What is this world coming too??

  29. If I have been waiting is on electricity companies ripping solar energy producers on the energy they put back on the grid, It shouldn't be so much of a gap between selling and buying.

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