Exploring Tesla solar panels game changing price

Exploring Tesla solar panels game changing price. In Tesla’s Q2 earnings call Elon Musk dropped the little bombshell that Tesla’s solar panels cost $1.49 per watt after incentives. I found that it can be even lower than that. This is a huge step forward for the price of solar power. Why? Let’s get into it.

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  1. Why in the computations of Solar Panel, Maintenance is not even included or tried to determine for the final cost?

  2. Mind you in Australia we used to pay double for an electrical product that you would pay there. We got ripped off something terrible.

  3. I had very bad experience with tesla solar panels
    I order 7.6 kw on December 2019
    Because of the pandamic the process has freeze until may 2020 ( that's understandable because of the pandamic) after Tesla installed the panels suddenly the price dropped 40%
    To me it's unbelievable , I won't buy tesla anymore
    Imagine I order tesla Model S and when you receive it the price drops from 90k to 52k ( imagine your reaction)

  4. Musk is one of those people who does some good things but then is a complete dick by screwing over his customers.

  5. Well, there you have it! I'm 62 and am going to wait 20 years till they are really cheap! I'll save a LOT of money If I live that long, LOL

  6. Thd difference is telsa solar panels vs tesla solar roof tiles where the huge gap in cost differs funny hos Elon didn't go into that detail

  7. Indian govt is offering 3 kW unit with with water pump & 350$ for farmers. Although it varies with state to state but still awesome.

  8. I had hot water panels for years but took them off when I had a new shingle roof put on. They had not worked the last couple of years probably due to the controller dying. Then part of the copper piping froze one winter causing a big leak in the attic, where they were, that messed up some of the ceiling and wall. So I had them taken off thinking if I ever do something else solar it would be electric so I wouldn't have to worry about leaks any more. Thanks for the update. sounds like I need to get off my ass and talk to Tesla!

  9. Bureaucracy , taxation and greedy marketing practices are ALWAYS the reasons why you pay more than people in Australia.

  10. So the question is: What happens if you install solar panels and DON'T hook them up to "the grid?" Seems like that should eliminate a whole round of approval.

  11. l'll haf ta say your explanations are great and simple for a deplorable like me, keep it up please and watch channel: EVwest for cars etc..

  12. I paid $50,080 for 32 panel that estimated to generate 9500 kWh. 0 down and everything was done by my vendor. Is this a rip off?

  13. After the Tesla's Feb/Mar 2021 price hikes, for Solar Roofs, and Panels, and the upcharge for Powerwall, perhaps a re-calculation update is in order?

  14. Anyone in the federal government listening? Use of solar increase by making regulation changes part of the Green New Deal?

  15. What do you do with the pollution panels when they run their life span? I hear right now we send them to some3rd world country so we don't have to put up with the run off into the water. But who pays for it?

  16. So $1360 per kilowatt. I use 28 kilowatts per day. We get a max of 5 hrs a day.so I need 6 1000 watt packs. So. $8160 for panels how much are the batteries? The inverters. The breakers. The wiring ?.

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